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What To Do If Your Date Lied On Her Dating Profile

White lies here, white lies there. We are all fond of telling white lies because they don’t really seem like they can do us harm. But, what about if someone you like told a white lie? What if someone you met online misrepresented herself on her dating profile?

How To Handle A Dating Profile Liar

When you find out that your online date actually lied on her dating profile, there are a couple of approaches you can take. The first one is NOT to get ahead of yourself. Keep calm and proceed with the following steps:

Weigh How Heavy the Lie is To You

Once you’ve stopped yourself from getting ahead, you, now, need to determine how you feel about the lie. Has it impacted you in a major way? Or, can you let it slip? Knowing the answer to this will help you on your next step.

Confront Your Online Date

Confrontations can be messy if you do it wrong so make sure you do this step with finesse. You’ll, likely, address the elephant in the room sooner or later anyway so it’s best to do it early. Think about it as ripping off a band-aid – say it flat out, but say it in a way that’s not offensive.

Move Forward or Say Goodbye

The last measure that you should take is to either move forward or say goodbye. If the lie your online date made on her dating profile is more than you can take, it’s best to end things while the relationship is still young or budding.  But, if the lie made is not too grievous for you, it’s best you give your date another shot.

What Does AsianDate Say?

As much as possible, always give your date a benefit of a doubt. She may have lied on her dating profile because of a specific reason. We suggest giving it a try as long as the lie wasn’t too heavy for you to handle. For example, if your date lied about her age, interests, where she has traveled to and so on, it can be forgivable. Have an open mind especially if you’ve already hit it off with the person you’re talking to online. Check out more online dating tips on our blog, click here.