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Dating An Asian Girl Who Is Aquarian Is All You Need

Aquarian Asian ladies are an exciting lot. If you’re dating an Asian girl whose astrological sign is Aquarius, or if you’re planning to date one in the near future, you’re going to be in for an exhilarating experience, and that’s because those under the sign of the water bearer are naturally affectionate, charismatic and fun-loving.

Dating an Asian Girl With Aquarian Traits

On our list, this week, we feature Asian ladies under the mentioned astrological sign. Dating any one of them will prove that Aquarian women make great girlfriends:


AsianDate - Ran - Aquarius

Ran’s English name is Lily, just like the follower. She is a business owner from China who loves to experience everything good in life. She describes herself as being passionate, especially when it comes to love. On your date, take her to somewhere exciting as she loves to be surprised.


AsianDate - Menghan - Aquarius

Cherry is this beautiful Asian woman’s English name. She always seems to have cherry red lips and that’s probably because she thinks it fashionable. She loves to go shopping because, to her, looking good is as important as being good in the inside.


AsianDate - ChunHua - Aquarius

Meet ChunHua, the teacher from Chongqing, China. She loves to be active. During her spare time, she swims and she jogs to maintain her health and fitness. She also enjoys staying in from time to time so she can enjoy the latest cinema flicks.


AsianDate - XinYu - Aquarius

Xinyu is the doctor of our list. She practices in Kunming, China. She likes to think of herself as being open-minded and kind. From her eyes to her smile, many seem to agree with this description. Her friends say that she is indeed friendly, willing to get to know new people she meets at her clinic.


AsianDate - Yaqin - Aquarius

Last, but definitely not the least, on our list is this lovely girl with chestnut-colored hair. You can call her Yaqin and she is from Shanghai. She is always full of energy and seems to light up every room she steps in. She loves to run during her free time.

The Aquarian Asian ladies on our list have probably gotten you to think of astrological signs and dating, haven’t they? We have more lists for you to check here. The great news is we will have another new list for you to check out next time so visit our blog again soon.