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Unexpected Signs That Let You Know She’s A Keeper

There are certain qualities that men need to look for in a wife or girlfriend. Usually, most dating blogs would say that you have to look for someone who is kind, generous, is respectable and loves you for who you are. Everyone already knows those, though, and the qualities mentioned are pretty basic. But, that’s not what we’re going to focus on today. Did you know you can tell if she’s a keeper if you spot any of the unexpected signs on this list?

You Never Knew That These Signs Can Tell You She’s A Keeper

In addition to the basic signs, or qualities we need to look for, in a wife or girlfriend, you’ll know that she’s a keeper when:

She Has A Hobby Not Related To Work

What does a hobby have to do with all of these? Well, if your partner has a hobby that she’s truly passionate about, it means that she knows how to have fun. She’s not just thinking about work all the time. If your partner has her own hobby, it’s more likely that she will understand why it’s necessary for you to have your boys night out from time to time.

You Are Not The Center Of Her World

Surprised? You probably thought that she’s a keeper when her entire focus is on you. Nope, that shouldn’t be the case because a relationship is made up of two individuals. The couple’s separate individuality needs to be sustained despite being together. Of course, she needs to turn her focus on you, but the relationship will be healthier if you and your partner spend time individually as well as together.

She Pays For Dates, Sometimes

It is understandable for ladies to assume that the man is going to pay for most dates at the beginning. But, a keeper knows how to hold her own and doesn’t mind if she has to, sometimes, pay for dates. This is significant because, when the time comes, you’ll know that she means it when she says that she’ll accept you for richer or poorer.

She Surprises You

Does she do the cooking and cleaning even without you asking her to do so? Does she buy your favourite kind of snack every time she goes grocery shopping? If she surprises you, it means that she’s invested in making a connection with you. That’s how you know when a woman truly cares for you – when she does all sorts of nice things for you without you asking.

Do you spot any of these signs in your partner now? If your answer is yes, congratulations, she’s a keeper. The next step is up to you. Share this post if it has helped you in any way, and don’t forget to check out the rest of posts on our blog.