4 Asian Dating Tips that Will Get You Dates Quicker

Asian Dating TipsIf you’re wondering how you can get gorgeous Asian ladies to have a date with you sooner, you’ve come to the right place. A lot of men have the very same question as you but only a few really find the answers they need, only a few figure it out on their own. You don’t have to, though, because we’re here to tell you exactly how you can get more beautiful Asian ladies to say yes and it’s not as hard as you think.

Are You Paying Attention Now?

We caught your attention there, didn’t we? And, yes, we are not kidding. Before we go into the Asian dating tips that we talked about, remember that by Asian women we mean ladies who are more traditional (meaning they grew up in their own countries and have little influence from the West).

The 4 Asian Dating Tips

1. Social Events

Fill your calendar with social events that are happening in your neighborhood (if you live in a neighborhood surrounded by Asians). If you’re already in an Asian country, you have to grab every social event opportunity that comes your way. Any social event will do – a party for your language class, a get-together of people who play a certain sport, anything. The mood will be light and the environment, hopefully, fun so it’ll be easy for you to say hi.

2. Say HI

Sometimes, it is as easy as saying “HI”. Try approaching a cute looking Asian girl who you always see ordering the same kind of coffee as you in your favorite cafe. Just say HI and then keep talking. This may require practice but just be yourself and let go of the worries.

3. Dress to Impress

If you have consciously decided to meet Asian women in tonight’s night out in the town, you have to dress for it. Asian women, as well as other women in general, likes a man who knows how to dress in a way that makes them look handsome yet rugged and sexy yet respectable. The best way to know how to do this would be to search for outfit tips on the internet.

4. Drop the Asian Pick-Up lines

You know what lines we’re talking about:

  1. “I like Asian girls.”
  2. “So what’s your real Asian name?”
  3. “Ni Hao!” (which means HI in Chinese)
  4. “What Asian are you?”

There are loads more Asian pick-up lines that guys mistake to be charming (but are actually NOT). In addition, you may also want to avoid bowing when you meet Asian ladies. It sounds a little silly for a man to bow in front of Asian ladies but it happens!

Just Be Yourself and Go for It

Don’t listen to the voice in your head that’s saying, “You do not have game”. You may be nervous and you may need more practice when it comes to carrying conversations but just remember that playing it cool, keeping it natural and remembering these 4 easy tips will get you those dates (and numbers) that you’ve been wanting.

Check back again for more helpful Asian dating tips! Good luck!