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These Beautiful Asian Ladies Have One Passion, Can You Guess Which One?

At a time when our daily life is so full of stress and anxiety, people look for ways to relieve negative emotions and improve their mood. One of the most effective ways to do so, as was recently proven by a study carried out by a team of researchers at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.  Study participants reported feeling less depressed, anxious and agitated after receiving flowers, and demonstrated a greater sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction. Today’s list of beautiful Asian florists is guaranteed to make you feel the same.

Blossom Next To These Fresh And Beautiful Asian Florists

They are sweet, caring, pretty, and cheerful. Perhaps it is working around such a wonderful thing as flowers that rubs off on their looks and personality. Let’s find out more about the adorable florists on today’s list.


Chen is the first lady on the beautiful Asian florists list.
Chen is an aspiring model who’s currently as a florist.

We’re kicking off today’s lovely list with beautiful Chen from Guangzhou, China. This stunning lady is an aspiring model who finds great joy in hiking and doing road trips with friends, but also likes growing flowers and is interested in learning to play the guitar. As regards her personality, she describes herself as confident, intelligent, and easy to get along with. When it comes to her ideal partner, he needs to be sporty and energetic, and she’d like him to be from a different country too.


Mengdan is the second girl on the beautiful Asian florists list.
Mengdan describes herself as confident and independent.

Our second lady on the beautiful Asian florists list is breath-taking Mengdan. The 23-year-old babe from Zhengzhou, China, describes herself as “confident and independent”. In her free time, the tall beauty likes to take long walks with her dog, where she can admire nature. Being a florist, Mengdan also loves taking care of her flowers. The kind of man she is looking for is someone who’s passionate, understanding, tolerant, who can be her lover and mentor.


Sweet Yan is the third lady on our list on beautiful Asian florists.
Yan is always looking for new and exciting things.

The next blossom on our list is a 24-year-old cutie: Yan. It’s not just her looks that make Yan adorable; her personality is equally lovely. She describes herself as “open-minded, easygoing and optimistic”, adding that she always comes up with “new and exciting things”. Yan adores flowers, but she also loves reading literature and keeping fit. For Yan, the perfect man is someone who’s caring, gentle, and has a good sense of humor.


Yanxia is a lovely entry on our beautiful Asian florists list.
Can you tell how old Yanxia is just by looking at her?

In the fourth spot of the beautiful Asian florists list, we meet a 37-year-old lady with a winning smile.  Yanxia hopes that her smile will make you happy too. It reflects her kind nature and a heart that’s open to people, as she likes helping others. She describes herself as “mature, passionate, loving and honest”, adding that she has a great sense of humor. In her free time, Yanxia loves to climb on Fall and Spring and do things like watching TV and listening to classical music at home. She also enjoys traveling. Her dream man is one, passionate, caring, and faithful.


Chen is the last girl on the beautiful Asian florists list.
Chen says meeting her is like opening a window to heaven.

Last on our list is wonderful Chen, a 24-year-old stunner from Chongqing, China. Chen says of herself that she’s “totally different to other girls” because she is a harmless person, a woman with a very kind heart. For leisure, the sultry girl likes spending lazy weekends with her partner, reading back to back, and traveling.  Chen isn’t sure she’ll meet a future husband, but she’s open to simply finding a lover. Regarding his traits, she makes it clear that she’s financially independent and just wants him to be more mature and experienced than her.

Did you enjoy today’s list of beautiful Asian florists? If there’s a girl you’d like to learn more about (and also see more photos of), just click on her profile name. To check out previous exciting lists, click here. For even more fascinating Asian ladies, visit AsianDate today.