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Facts You Need to Know About Asian Women and Relationships

Do you think you have Asian women figured out? Well, you might just change your mind when you read these 4 facts about Asian women and relationships. These may change the way you approach an Asian lady both online and offline so please take note and learn a little bit about the Asian dating and relationship culture.

Everything Important On Asian Women And Relationships

Fact #1: Majority of Asian Women are Inexperienced

Let us elaborate on this one. There are two types of Asian women under this fact: 1. The Asian woman who exclusively dates foreigners and 2. The typical Asian woman. The Asian woman who only dates foreign men has more experience both intimately and in relationships. The typical Asian woman, on the other hand, hasn’t had a lot of boyfriends or serious relationships. Depending on who you’d like to meet, you could go for the Asian woman with experience but the upside to dating the other one is that she’s going to be more assertive in the relationship as well as intimately.

Fact #2: “Dating” has a Different Meaning

With Asian women and relationships, dating has a very different meaning. This is, of course, talking about the second type of Asian woman we talked about earlier. Dating is a foreign concept. There’s only boyfriend and girlfriend. When you “date”, it means that you’re going steady. In other words, dating means that both parties agree to be in a serious relationship with each other. The ending of which is marriage – not right away but eventually, in most cases.

Fact #3: Mind-Reading Skills

This is very typical with most Asian women. The men that they are with need to have good mind-reading skills. Ok, so that’s not possible so let’s change that into body language reading skills. An Asian woman, especially the second type, can be assertive in the relationship but she will often expect you to know what she wants or what is wrong. That’s tough to hear, but there’s a good side. She won’t tell you right off the bat. She’s going to wait until you initiate which is less dramatic than a direct confrontation on a daily basis.

Fact #4: The Level of Maturity

This fact is in connection to the first fact we mentioned and yes, it’s also about the second type of Asian woman. Before you go leaping off to find a 22-year old Asian lady, remember that their level of maturity won’t be similar to the 22-year olds in your country. Since the second type doesn’t have much or any experience with relationships, she’ll likely to have the maturity of a 16-year old teen from your country. If you want a lady who has the same level of maturity as you, let’s say you’re 30 years old, go for a woman around the age of 32 or 33.

Did your thinking change?

Now, tell us, has your perception of how Asian relationships and Asian women work changed because of these 4 facts? If you already know these then fine but if you haven’t before, consider yourself informed. It’s going to change the way you approach Asian woman, in general, don’t you think? We hope that this has been helpful.