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Must-Know Differences In Asian Dating Culture

One way of unraveling the mystery of Asian women is by closely studying the culture that they were born and raised in. From a romantic point of view, these beautiful Asian ladies view dating and courtship in a very different way compared to the view of Westerners. How different is Asian dating culture you say? To answer that, we’ve compiled a list of 5 surprising cultural differences that you need to know and understand before dating Asian women.

Asian Dating Culture Differences You Must Learn

1. Asian women listen to friends and families’ opinion on who they should date.

In Asia, life-changing matters are, most of the time, consulted with friends and family members. It may be the similar in the West but the main difference is that the opinions of friends and family have a heavier significance or weight on an Asian woman’s decision. If her family and friends are both urging her,  then she will go for it 100% but if her significant others are saying otherwise, despite how charming and well-mannered you are, she’ll probably back down from having a relationship with you.

2. Asian women date for practical reasons.

Let us explain further because practicality is not the only reason why Asian women date foreign men. This just means that they have a good, sensible head on their shoulders. She might want to know the type of life you lead, your lifestyle and your career or job details. The main purpose of this is NOT for her to know (or at least get an idea) of how much money you make. It’s for her to know if you can take care of her in the long run or not.

3. Relationships = Duty & Stability.

Westerners may value love, compatibility and passion in relationships but Asians don’t really see it that way. Love may be involved but other values surpass it in terms of importance. This is why there are a lot of arranged marriages in Asia. It may not be common nowadays but we cannot erase the fact that it’s still a part of Asian culture.

Take note, however, that not relationships with Asian women are going to be based on duty and stability. It’s a case to case basis especially for Asian families who have migrated to other countries like the US or Europe.

4. Asian women need exclusivity.

In the Western culture, it’s common to see a man dating two women at the same time or a woman dating two men at the same time. It’s probably acceptable because the relationship has not been made official yet. This kind of setting is unacceptable in the Asian culture. When you decide to date an Asian woman, you’re not going to be allowed to date another woman. Crossing this boundary, for an Asian female, means that you’ve cheated on her. So basically, the rule is: One at a time.

5. Physical intimacy comes later. Way later.

Usually, a conservative trait is observed in most Asian ladies especially when she from a very traditional family. Gestures of love like kissing, hugging, holding hands and the like, may not be acceptable during the first months of dating each other. Being the man in the relationship, your Asian beauty will expect you to respect her wishes.

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