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Do You Love Animals? So Do These Charming Ladies

There’s just something so attractive about ladies who love animals. It could be because they exhibit a caring spirit or it could be because caring for animals is a quality in a woman that you have always found to be adorable. Either way, get ready to meet these charming ladies from Asian Date who love to care for animals of all kinds.

The Charming Ladies Who Consider Themselves Animal Lovers

Meet these Asian Date ladies who might appreciate going to an Oceanarium, a marine reserve, a zoo, or a wildlife park on your first date:


Lu - AsianDate Lady

Lu loves the great outdoors. She loves to hike and to skii when she’s outside. When she’s indoors, Lu likes to cook, but she doesn’t have anyone to cook for yet. Will you be a willing volunteer to taste her dishes?


Yue - AsianDate Lady

Yue is a business owner and considers herself as an independent woman. She likes to be in charge. She can seem serious but can, sometimes, be the joker in the group. Yue wants to meet someone with the same qualities as her.


Biqing - Asian Date Lady

Meet Biqing. Her favorite animals are cats and dogs. When she has time on her hands, she loves to watch videos and short clips of puppies on the internet. She is planning to get one of her own very soon. Maybe you can help her decide what puppy to get.


Duoshuai - Asian Date Lady

This charming las is Duoshuai from Xuchang, China. She works as an artist and likes to paint pets during her free time. She also dabbles in photography. As you may have guessed, she also likes to take pictures of random and cute pets she comes across while walking in the park.


Dan - Asian Date Lady

Dan is last on our list with charming ladies, but that doesn’t mean that she is the least charming. She’s has a very positive attitude and likes to refer to herself as a lotus – pure and natural. She considers herself a joy to be with.

You can easily know more about these charming ladies when you visit their profiles. You can do so by clicking on their names. We will have more lists for you soon, but don’t fret, you can still check out the past lists we have here. Do visit out blog for other posts you might be interested to read.