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Things You Need to Know about Dating Asian Women

Here’s what most men do: they jump into excitement as soon as they’ve completed their profile an Asian Date and are ready to start dating Asian Women. They, then, meet Asian women because they think that it is the next step. It does sound logical, but the better way to start Asian dating would be to do research.

Things You Need to Know About Dating Asian Women

Before dating Asian Women, it is important to do research especially if you have absolutely no clue as to how the Asian dating culture is. Ask yourself this: how can you impress a woman from Asia if you don’t even know how she views dating or courtship? To get you started, here are five things you need to know:

1. The concept of casual dating is non-existent.

Asian Women do not date casually. Instead of casual dating, they have blind dates or meetings that their friends, family, and colleagues have set up for them. When the date goes well, it means that the Asian lady and the gentleman she’s always meeting is a couple.

2. Texting and calling are important.

In Western culture, so many rules revolve around when to call or when to text. When dating Asian Women, there are no rules. The sooner you text or call, the more interested you seem.

3. Activity dates are additional points.

Did you know that ladies from Asia get tired easily? That’s why you have to keep them interested by doing different activities during dates. For example, if you’ve already eaten dinner this week, go for a hike up the mountain next week.

4. Anniversaries! Never forget them.

There’s probably no such thing as a 100 days anniversary in other dating cultures. Well, you’ll find plenty of these practices in Asia. These kinds of couple practices differ from one Asian country to another, so you have to know the specific ones if you want to date Asian Women.

5. Lastly, the family.

If things are getting serious, your Asian lady will introduce you to her parents. Don’t worry if an Asian woman’s parents seem critical of you at first. They will warm up eventually. When you meet the family, you should know basic Asian dining culture and etiquette, so it’s a chance for you to do some more research.

These are just five common items. There are a lot more to learn about dating Asian Women which you can find on the blog.