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Want To Get More Dates? Mention This Animal In Your Profile

You have to admit that there are plenty of online dating tips that may seem far-fetched, but most are really effective. You can attribute it to simple psychology. One good dating technique that’s an example of this is to have a certain animal in your profile to get more dates.

Get A Hamster To Get More Dates

If your thinking that cats and dogs will do the trick, then you’re mistaken. Well, they can but they only come in at 6th and 8th place. But, research shows that uploading a photo of your pet hamster can increase your inbound messages by 351%. Some of the animals that you can try including in your dating profile are as follows:

  • Sheep – 328% increase in inbound messages
  • Elephant – 314% increase
  • Horse – 282% increase
  • Rabbit – 275% increase

Next on the list is the dog or puppies which come in sixth. Then, strangely enough, a frog. Then, the adorable cat. This data was gathered through analyzing 41, 054 male user profiles and 375, 454 inbox messages. Upon further analysis of the data, it was found that a slight increase in inbound messages can happen by merely mentioning pets in your dating profile.

Why You Get More Dates When Mentioning A Pet

There are so many reasons why people would find pet owners attractive. There isn’t any conclusive data about why most people are attracted to those who have hamsters in their photo. But, in a general sense, pet owners make good first impressions.

If people see that you have a pet, they’re going to think that you are relate-able, out-going, caring, kind, and responsible to name a few. There are just so many good thoughts that come to mind when you see someone who loves to take care of animals.

So, does this mean that you should fake it in your dating profile? It’s so easy to just go to a pet store and then take photos. You can pretend that you have a hamster, dog, or cat. Actually, this is not advisable. Yes, it’s just one small detail, but if you lie about this, your potential date will eventually catch you. If you are into dating on the internet to find a serious relationship, it’s counterproductive for you to lie about one small detail. For more updates and online dating tips, read other posts on the blog.