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Stop Dating Unavailable People

Throughout our dating life, we might have gotten stuck in a rut of dating unavailable people over and over again. It might be that you are currently in this rut, and would like to know how to get out of it.

Top Reasons Why We Date Unavailable People

When you say “unavailable,” it means that a person isn’t emotionally open to be in a relationship. Dating unavailable people might feel like you’re together, but still alone because there’s no real emotional connection. Yes, it’s hard to be with a person who isn’t opening him or herself up. So, why do we continually choose to love people who we know aren’t good for us?

1. They’ll be more loving when you show how much you care for them.

Sometimes, we like to fix people. We have this innate belief that if we become loving and empathetic, that would be enough to change a person. Commonly, this comes from our unconscious desire to rewrite our past. In most cases, we just end up brokenhearted.

2. You will feel more loved.

Because we loved first, we think it’s simply going to be reciprocated. We believe that it is how things work naturally, like cause and effect. This, however, is a false belief. It’s only ourselves that can make us feel loved and complete.

3. You’re also unavailable.

It’s also likely that you are dating unavailable people because you are unavailable yourself. You’re certain that they won’t be in a committed relationship with you so you choose them all of the time.

How To Stop Dating Unavailable People

You have got to work on yourself first. It’s not the outside that you need to change, but what’s inside you. The first thing you need to do is know yourself more. Once you do this, you will also have a deeper understanding of self-love. Cultivate it and allow it to grow. It could be through experience or it can also be with the help of a professional. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.