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Psychology Has Already Proven That These Love Hacks Work

Most of us are very busy, and we are wired to find the easy way to do things. That is why we now have hacks covering so many different aspects because we want life to work for us. Even in the area of the heart, we have what’s known as love hacks. These make dating, and even loving, easier, more fun, and less stressful.

Fun Love Hacks To Improve Your Dating Game

The following love hacks that we have listed here have already been proven by psychology. See the list below for hack of the heart that could be the key to making the person you’re interested in fall in love with you:

Develop A Healthy Sense Of Humor

Laughter is the best medicine, so they say. Developing a sense of humor will make your relationship more fun. When you face a stressful situation, both of you can laugh it off and move on. When still dating, there’s nothing more attractive than a person who can make others laugh.

Stay Fit

You don’t have to have a magazine-worth body. Staying fit means that you are eating well and maintaining an exercise regimen. This is telling others that you are taking care of yourself and that you’re putting effort into self-improvement.


Cuddling means that you share a light and tender moment with your loved one. Did you know that cuddling brings about a deeper connection and makes loving each other easier?

Quality Time

It’s no secret that focusing on giving quality time to your partner or date can lead to a more meaningful connection. Just remember that quality time means that there is nothing inside your head except each other. Leave out work and don’t use gadgets. Just talk, look at each other’s eyes, hold hands, and yeah, cuddle. You will reap deeper rewards for your relationship.

Maintain Friendships

Extreme exclusivity can kill a relationship. To be able to have a healthy and budding connection with your partner, psychology says that you should not cut off ties with your family and friends. They are emotional outlets that you can plug into at any time. Besides, they are part of who you are as a person and you wouldn’t want to give that up and just be with your partner alone.

A relationship may need lots of work to thrive, but these love hacks will surely make the load lighter for you and your partner. For other posts on relationships, read our blog.