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Date A Gorgeous Asian Foodie

Recently, several sites wrote about how food can affect your chances of getting an online date. It turns out, people respond more when you mention certain types of food on your dating profile. It simply goes to show that being a foodie can be very attractive. If you want to meet people who love food as much as you do, this is the right list to be on. This week, you’ll be able to meet a gorgeous Asian foodie who you can date.

Meet An Asian Foodie Who Loves Food As Much As You Do

Dating an Asian foodie can have its perks. You don’t have to debate about where to eat because your foodie date will most likely know where she wants and what she wants to eat. Meet the Asian date foodies:


Mengmeng21 - Asian Date Lady

Mengmeng is a passionate and open-minded person who loves to learn about anything and everything. Her love for food came from when she learned how to cook a few traditional dishes. From that, she ventured into other cuisines and became even more adventurous in her cooking and in her taste of food.


Shufen26 - Asian Date Lady

Shufen has a very particular taste. She loves to eat Chinese food but she also loves Western food. She admits that she has not tasted all the flavors that she imagines from these cuisines so she wants to try more.


Haiping31 - Asian Date Lady

Haiping has an English name. She works in a hotel so it is a must for her to have a name in English. Most people call her Sarah. Her love for food came started when she also started working at her hotel. She was able to taste international cuisine and that’s what got her to be a foodie.


Sanchuan21 - Asian Date Lady

Do you know what Sanchuan’s favorite dish is? You could find it on her dating profile or you could just ask her. You have to be really good with research and finding facts so you can relate to this lovely Asian lady. Sanchuan works as an investigator, but when she is not working, of course, she’s hunting for amazing flavors.


Tengfei24 - Asian Date Lady

Tengfei is a woman of the world. She has many interests. Aside from food, she loves fast cars, clubbing, and the traditional Chinese tea culture. Would you care to share some of your interests with her?

Remember that you can get to know these ladies more by clicking on their names and visiting their profiles. For more lists similar to this, check out more from our blog.