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Interesting Facts You Must Know When Dating Thai Girls

You’ve heard of their beauty. The petite and slender statures, amazing silk-soft black hair, golden skins and almond eyes. These women, my dear friend, are the ladies of Thailand. Thai girls have long held titles of being amazingly alluring especially to western men. This might be due to their near opposite appearance and attitude to western gals. Though, the differences do not end there. Being on opposite sides of the globe also means a big difference in cultures and attitudes that one might need to consider prior to dating Thai girls. Here are a few interesting bits of trivia about Thai girls and what it would mean to date one.

What You Need To Be Aware Of If Dating Thai Girls

Thai girls wanna have fun.

Thai girls indeed love to be out and about town. When dating Thai girls, one needs to consider having to go out a lot to take her out for dinner, drinks and dancing, quite a bit. She loves being seen around town, and she likes to be shown off like a trophy. Though you have to remember, this works both ways, she also wants to be seen with you in tow. She also loves going out for movies, karaoke, coffee, window shopping, actual shopping, and basically activities that involve you and her being around. To truly impress her, come up with some fun dates that are somewhat unusual, yet memorable.

Thai girls can be quite the jealous type.

One more thing to remember when dating a Thai lady, is they tend to be quite jealous to the point of being clingy. They don’t like the idea of you being out with another girl even if you guys are going as a group. She might also misinterpret you having a fun conversation with another girl to flirting and sometimes even cheating. She might also question your inability to answer the phone/text right away and automatically assumes you are with someone else. While this can be a bit overwhelming at first, once you get deeper into your relationship, she will tend to trust you more and hopefully taper off the clingy-ness.

Thai girls like dressing up and being pretty.

The world is their runway and each trip out the door is a fashion show. They pay special attention to how they dress and make sure every aspect of their outfit works. So, it would be quite one-sided if only she puts the man-hours for looking good. So if you are considering dating a Thai girl, you might expect to dress up quite a bit, well at least putting an effort to looking nice and clean.

Thai girls love the romance.

This, we can attribute to television shows about love and romance. These girls grew up to these shows where the guy makes this romantic gesture to get the girl, then they fall in love, you know, the works. But basically, all women love romance. With these gals, this might actually up your chances with getting a Thai girl in a serious relationship. A few romantic surprises here and there should do the trick. Oh, and yes, they also like having couple rings to show that you and her are a couple. They tend to find this really romantic. But don’t worry; this usually comes later when you guys have been dating for a while.