AsianDate | Crazy Facts You Need To Know About Your Attraction

AsianDate: Crazy Facts You Need To Know About Your Attraction

Have you ever thought about how your mind works when it’s analyzing if you’re attracted to a person you’ve seen for the first time? It doesn’t take long for it to analyze which makes the process seem straight-forward, but it isn’t, as AsianDate will explain.

AsianDate: What You Don’t Know About Attraction

Most people would think that you’re attracted to a person because you already have programmed preferences that were the results of your upbringing, familial connection, and the culture you grew up in, but you’ll be surprised at the number of factors that could influence our attraction to other people. Here’s a fun list that contains facts AsianDate found about the human attraction:

Beauty In Facial Symmetry

It is natural for our faces to be uneven on each side. Our eyebrows, for example, are differently shaped even though they look similar. But, research has found that the more symmetrical your face is, the more attractive you will be because facial symmetry is a sign of good health and good genes. Our body naturally detects that.

Voice Pitch In Women

Here’s a good sign to look out for if you’re wondering if a woman is attracted to your or not. Watch out for any changes in the pitch of her voice. Research has discovered that a female’s voice pitch becomes higher when talking to the man she likes. It was also found that men were more attracted to women with higher pitched voices. Could there be a connection?

Hungry Men Prefer Bigger Women

If you have a big appetite, chances are you’ll also have a big appetite for love and life. Studies show that men who are always hungry are more attracted to women who are curvier. Even if appetite was not put into the equation, several studies have found that our choice of partners are affected if we skip a meal or feel hungry at the moment of choosing.

Smells Also Affect Attraction

Here’s an interesting post by Cosmo Magazine. The combination of lavender and pumpkin scents stimulate men more, making females who have this scent on more attractive. As for males, you can increase your attractiveness by spritzing cologne or perfume that has a musk, peppermint or jasmine scent, according to Ask Men.

What other factors do you think affects our attraction towards other people? Be sure to leave a comment below and check out more AsianDate posts on our blog.