Photographers Who Have Their Lens Set On You | Asian Date Presents Photographers Who Have Their Lens Set On You

Photography is a form of art. It takes more than just pointing and clicking the camera to take good pictures. These ladies, however, seem to have it all figured out. They are either taking photos for work, or taking photos as a hobby. Photographers With Talent And Beauty

What’s interesting about the beauties we have on this week’s list is that they photograph as well as they take them, so don’t be surprised if all of them look like models:


Yunxin22 - AsianDate

Yunxin spends most of her time taking pictures and traveling. She mentions on her profile that she is very thankful to her parents for giving her all the opportunity in terms of education. Now that she is more successful in her chosen career, she giving dating a try.


Kunrong40 - AsianDate

Kunrong’s career is more medical. Believe it or not, she is a doctor. She loves to take pictures as a hobby but she says that she’s getting pretty good at it. Her favorite subject for her photos is nature.


Yufen25 - Asian Date

Yufen mentions that she is currently learning how to surf and ski. She aims to travel outside of the country to do these activities with a special someone. Of course, she won’t be leaving her camera behind.


Lingna24 - AsianDate

Lingna is very proud of herself for knowing how to drive. She says that driving has allowed her to go on road trips by herself. She takes these trips often because she wants to take several photographs of new places she visits. When you visit, she’s definitely going to let you drive.


Saffi29 - AsianDate

Although Saffi loves to take photos, she’s a little bit tired of doing so. She wants her role to be reversed – she wants to be in front of the camera instead of behind it. Her photography skills are advanced so she tells that she’s willing to teach all that she knows to the person she will date so he can be the photographer and she the model.

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