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Reasons Why It’s Fun to Date an Asian Girl

Dating is always so much more fun if the person whom you’re with is easy going, if you have a lot in common and is also as interested in the date as you. The whole dating experience should be like this but the truth is far from it. There are boring dates and there are dates that just make you want to bail during the first 10mins. But this isn’t something you can expect when you date an Asian girl.

It’s too bad but when you’re a foreigner who wants to date Asian girls, you may find that the experience is a little bit different. How so? Well, you actually have a good time for once. Basically, what we’re saying is, it’s fun to date an Asian girl for the following reasons.

What To Expect When You Date An Asian Girl

1. Asian girls love to eat.

It’s not just Asian food that they love to eat to. It’s all kinds of food that tastes good  to them and that could be anything. Don’t be fooled by an Asian girls slim physique. She can eat and that also gives you the permission to eat as well. Most dates are uncomfortable especially during the eating part because one has to watch how one eats, if there’s something stuck in between the teeth and etc. You do not have to worry about that with an Asian girl because the goal is eat and be merry.

2. Asian girls love geeky stuff.

Are you into animes like Pokemon or Digimon? Or maybe you’re into a certain series but you don’t really talk about it during dates because you feel like a nerd and that’s embarrassing. Well, guess what. Anime and all things Kawaii are engraved in an Asian girl’s culture so go ahead and talk about the latest  card that you acquired for your collection.

3. Asian girls are approachable.

An Asian girl is always respectful to anyone she’s with. Politeness is basically part of  the Asian culture. If you decide to talk to an Asian girl, she will not shut you down or shrug you off. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll probably give you subtle hints but, chances are, if you’re a foreigner asking out a traditional Asian chick in the politest way, you’ll get a YES.

4. Asian girls have exotic beauty.

No arguments. Hands down. Asian girls are gorgeous and they have an exotic beauty to them. Each girl has a different kind of beauty depending on which country she’s from but they all have one thing in common: their beauty is captivating.

5. Asian girls are not afraid to be girls.

Maybe we should explain this further. When we say girls, we mean feminine, sometimes coy, graceful, acknowledges  the help of  the man. Asian girls have girl power, there’s no denying that, but they do not take it to an extreme which is actually working for them. In addition, all Asian girls know how to clean their house, cook a decent meal and run a household.

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