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Alluring Beauties: Reasons Why Kazakhstan Is Intriguing

This post is our top five weekly compilation of Asian Date ladies who have been hand-picked for their beauty, personality, and, most importantly, allure. This week, our five alluring beauties come from the country of Kazakhstan.

Would you ever think about traveling to this country? It’s likely that you would say no. But, what you and many others don’t know is that Kazakhstan could hold one of your greatest travel adventures with its green valleys, warm hospitality, and beautiful Kazakh women.

You might just give traveling to Kazakhstan a second thought when you see the Alluring Beauties we have on this week’s list.


3f15e752-b351-4bea-8e36-2413ec39ec22Raushan is a 24-year old economist from Almaty, Kazakhstan. She’s a music lover by heart although her job involves a lot of numbers. She describes herself as a citizen of the world because she likes travelling, visiting new places and learning about different cultures.


15a8b56c-009a-44a9-b3a8-9dc71f8639f0Have you ever seen a teacher as beautiful as Aisamal? Teaching is her passion, and she believes that teachers have to be competent examples to their students. Aside from teaching, another one of her passions is playing the piano, which she says she’s quite good at.


3c3ab277-0364-48ca-96b6-89568bdce242Dinara is possibly one of the best examples of “beauty and brains.” She’s a journalist but loves sports and fitness. She’s also interested in reading psychology books, visiting museums and talking about political issues.


72b820c6-96bd-4e81-a59f-a403cc9cd21fAre you wondering what Kazakhstan dishes taste like? Ask Janar because cooking is what she loves to do. She says that she likes to make people happy so if you tell that you’re interested in tasting the different flavors of Kazakhstan, she’ll be glad to oblige.


7317acab-b42d-4fdd-a411-0c19c5ea71bdAction speaks louder than words according to Aliya. That’s why her secret passion is to give small gifts to people she loves so they know that she appreciates them. She’s looking for a man who has strength in his character, confidence, and is responsible and reliable.

We hope you appreciated the beauties on our list. Watch out for next list of alluring beauties next week! Don’t forget to check out more of our blog posts about dating tips and relationship advice here.