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Ideas for your First Date with a Filipina Woman

First dates tend to be nerve-wracking and stressful. They tend to be your first peek into who your date is as a person and everything, basically, has to be played by ear. Of course you want to make a good impression on the Filipina woman you are trying to date and this first date is crucial to whether you get a second date and so on. Most of the time, first dates happen in restaurants and coffee places. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you would like to create a lasting impression on your Filipina woman that would entice her to go out with you again. Here are a few first date ideas you can try to make your first date truly memorable.

How To Win Over A Filipina Woman With A Great Date

Take her to a nature themed park like aquariums, ecoparks or zoos.

There is nothing like a relaxing stroll through a park while enjoying Mother Nature’s beauty. Imagine going through an oceanarium observing assorted marine life while you try to get to know each other. Or maybe walking through a lush garden in an ecopark. This will help ease the stress of the date since you two can talk about the things you see around you and lulls in the conversation don’t really need to be awkward.

Watch a musical, a play, or theatrical shows

The movies tend to be a go-to when it comes to dates. But why not level up the experience and bring your Filipina date to a musical or theatrical presentation. You could follow it up with a nice dinner or coffee where you can discuss the play you just saw giving you common ground to get the conversation flowing.

Visit an art museum

Or, any type of museum. There are interactive museums that allow you to participate like science themed museums. There are also visual illusion museums you where you and your date can take lots of pictures. Filipina women are commonly snap happy and love documenting everything in pictures.

Enjoy a day at a theme park

Theme parks are not only for kids, but for kids at heart as well. There is just something exciting about enjoying a day at a theme park with a date. You can go on rides, eat fun food like corndogs and popcorn. You two can actually keep the date fun and light since you get to walk around the park and if you want to have a romantic moment together, there’s always the Ferris wheel for that. There is just something nostalgic about being in a small enclosed coach where you two can talk a little more about yourselves.

Go wall climbing

For the fit and sporty types, this is a fun idea for a date. You can go wall climbing and as you two start scaling the wall, you can have a few laughs while you talk. If you two have any experience with competing in sports, at least the mood is set for a little getting to know talk. This makes sharing your stories a little easier since you are, in fact, enjoying a friendly activity together. Plus, after climbing, you two can grab a bite to eat and continue your conversations.