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Why Do You Like Ladies From Asia So Much

Asian women have long been considered exotic and interesting by the western man and are slowly becoming a norm the world over. More and more, we see men of the west settling down with a lady from parts of Asia may she be Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai or Filipina. Now these women come from different cultures and customs but what are the common factors that make them somehow irresistibly attractive to the western eye?

Attributes That Make Ladies From Asia Attractive

Physical Attributes

Something about the way these Asian ladies carry themselves makes them quite standout. Racially, they tend to have that golden skin tone that men find quite appealing. That is very much true especially for ladies from Asia from the southeast like Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia, to cite a few. As for those who are located a bit up north, like the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese, though they have fairer skin tones, the golden sheen is still there, but just a bit more muted and makes them look like goddesses from an eastern fairy tale. Another skin attribute these ladies have is for their skin to remain youthful despite age. That is the main reason these ladies often are mistaken to be 5 to 10 years younger than their actual age. Lastly, these Asian girls have been their tendency to remain slim and slender through the years even as they age. There must be something in the water in Asia that these women can eat as much as they want and would not gain as much as their western sisters.


Asian ladies are said to be very submissive and family oriented. To certain extents, this is true. That is because these ladies, wherever from Asia they may be, have been brought up in households with spiritual and religious roots. Asian nations have several religions readily available to everyone, and every family has a root in one of them one way or the other. Which is an appealing attribute to western men because spirituality serves as an anchor to which these women hold on to in times of troubles. Also, Asian ladies are very loving and caring. They are submissive to their partners as mentioned earlier but not because they are not treated equally as girls growing up, it is more because of their love for their spouses that they can take the higher ground and give way to the men. And most importantly, these Asian ladies are great at adapting to situations. It will not be hard for her to settle in a new land with her foreign husband. That can be a big deal as moving to a new world can be quite challenging to anybody.

Financial Views

Some Asian nations are still developing till now. That makes these ladies more practical and economical when it comes to dealing with household budgets and other financial matters. They are the types of women who will always go for the value of their money. They can be thrifty and are very good at making ends meet. They will willingly give up some luxuries to make sure your ship keeps afloat. Asian ladies are also quite good at haggling. Back home, haggling in the market as they shop for their goods is an everyday thing. In a nutshell, when it comes to financial management, these ladies may not be a pro, but they are quite adept at making sure your household stays out of debt with a little extra for vacations and date nights.