If you want to talk to a woman, read this.

Easiest Tips For Learning How To Talk To A Woman

“Well begun is half done”, says an old proverb, and it is really the case with dating too. Very frequently, the hardest step to make is to approach the object of our desire, for fear of being rejected, or even worse, looking like a fool. If you’re not quite sure how to talk to a woman, read on.

How You Should Talk To A Woman

As with every daunting task, when you want to approach a lady it is best to have a plan. And we mean that in the coolest, least creepy way possible, of course. To be most successful, your plan should include a before, during, and after course of action.

Before You Talk To A Woman

The most important thing to do before you actually go up to a girl is to not fill yourself with expectations and not to blow the whole thing out of proportion. If your realistic expectation is to have a nice, fun chat, how bad can it be? Get in the right frame of mind, where you don’t make a big fuss out of a nice chat, and you will be a lot more relaxed. A good idea to exercise talking to a girl you like is to practice talking to people you don’t know before. For example, you can ask the time from a stranger, or pay some random person a compliment without expecting to get anything out of it. Just to get in the zone, like athletes do before a game. Just to see that talking to strangers is no biggie.

Making Interesting Conversation

One of the cleverest things to do is to make the conversation as natural as possible. This is why you a) approach her in a way that’s not threatening, and b) adjust what you say to the current situation. You can’t say the same thing to a lady you meet at the gym and a lady you meet at the bar. Here are some examples.

If you’re both walking your dogs at the park, approach her and let your dogs play with each other before you say something like “My dog seems to like you.” Keep things positive and ask her about her dog too. Ladies love a guy with a pet, so it’s a good start when she meets you with yours. Focus on that. You may end up arranging a joint walk the next day.

If you see a fit lady working out at the same gym as you, make sure to finish your workout at the same time as her, and then smile at her from wherever you are. Find a good chance to stand close to her. If she’s a regular, you can say “I see you work out here a lot. Are you an athlete?” or, if she’s a first-timer “Hey, are you new here? I don’t believe I’ve seen you before”. You can strike up a conversation about her favorite kind of workout or her fav trainer – you can jump at the chance to ask her to grab a coffee together after your next workout if she seems into you.

In the event you meet at some social gathering (like a wedding or some friend’s party), it is possible she’ll be part of a larger company. Don’t be intimidated – this may be to your advantage, as it will be simpler to get into the conversation. Introduce yourself to everyone and ask who they know from the party/ wedding. Pay extra attention to her, and grab the chance to stand close to her and continue the conversation more privately.

If you meet at a coffee shop or library, you can ask her what she is listening to or reading, or if you know something about what she’s reading (or listening to), you may start a conversation about it.

If you meet online, it’s a good idea to study her profile a little before you talk to her – not just look at her photos. Find the most interesting thing about her, from her job to one of her hobbies or her place of origin, and comment on it after you briefly introduce yourself.

After You Talk To A Woman

So, now you have exchanged a few words, do you still think she’s dating material? If you don’t think she’s interesting, just say “it was nice meeting you” and make an exit. But if you still think she’s someone you want to date and get to know better, go for it. Tell her how you enjoyed talking to her and that you’d like to see her again. You can write your phone number on a piece of paper and hand it to her, thus dropping the ball at her court, or you can directly ask for her phone number so you can “grab a coffee soon”.

You should not expect to be successful with everyone you meet, but as you learn how to talk to a woman, it will seem easier every time. The main things to remember are to be as natural as possible, to be relevant to the place and time of your acquaintance, to be polite and not pushy, and to have fun with it.