Fit girls who will make you want to work out with them.

These Fit Girls Will Inspire You To Get Physical

As ancient Greeks used to say “a healthy mind exists in a healthy body”. Indeed, taking physical exercise has been known to give you better physical and mental health, to release the body’s happiness hormones, endorphins; and to also give you a fabulous body. The fit girls featured on our list today are the best source of inspiration.

Put On Your Best Trainers And Get Sweating With Today’s Fit Girls

If you think physical exercise is boring, perhaps our top five might change your mind. Could you resist the urge to join them as they work out?


The first in the fit girls list is a yoga trainer.
Ruohan is a multidimensional personality. Don’t you want to know more about her?

The first lady on this super-fit list is a beauty from Jinan, in China. 28-year-old Ruohan is a yoga coach who describes herself as “soft”, “tender” and “mature”. She also says that she has many different sides to her character and she hates to quarrel. In Ruohan’s view, beauty is not just about looks, but about one’s inner world too. The sweet girl says she loves yoga and swimming, and she is also a fan of traveling. Her ideal man should be honest, passionate, and tender.


Khwanchira is the second girl in the fit girls list.
Pretty Khwanchira has won a number of beauty pageants.

The second babe on today’s list comes from Thailand. 28-year-old Khwanchira is a kind and friendly girl who believes in fate and is looking forward to becoming a mother. In her free time, the girl with the lovely smile likes to visit beauty salons and spas. She loves to work out, especially doing artistic gymnastics. She’s been an athlete since childhood and she’s also won many beauty pageants. She is a master of sports, training children in gymnastics. She also likes doing barbeques and listening to pop music. Her type of man is someone who’s interesting, intelligent, serious and romantic.


Pretty Jie is the third in the fit girls list.
Jie likes to run her two gyms.

Halfway through our list, there is another 28-year-old athletic trainer, this time from Nanchang, China. In her own words, Jie is a kind, considerate, passionate girl who enjoys life. She is understanding, has a big heart, and loves to learn new things. Jie loves managing her two gyms. In her spare time, the pretty girl likes to work out, travel, cook, and dance. When she’s at home, she enjoys reading books or watching films. For Jie, the ideal man is someone who’s kind, mature, sweet, family-oriented and loving.


Lifen is fourth in the fit girls list.
Lifen is a very skilled coach who can guide you through any sport.

Moving further down our fit girls list, we come across Lifen, a 33-year-old Chinese lady. Lifen is a sports trainer who can teach almost any kind of sport, especially gymnastics and yoga. She is a fitness instructor in her father’s chain of gyms. In her spare time, the girl who likes to keep a smile on her face enjoys cooking, reading, listening to music, and traveling. She describes her dream man as “loyal and sincere, caring and thoughtful”.


Xiao Yan is the last on the fit girls list.
Xiao Yan says she has some nauthy photos of hers she might want to share with you.

In the fifth, and last post of this list, we meet Xiao Yan, a 29-year-old beauty. The Chinese girl from Zi Gong is an optimist with a good sense of humor. The gorgeous athletic trainer likes singing, dancing and doing exercise. She also has another passion: traveling. Xiao Yan hopes to find a partner who can company her on her trips. Ideally, her partner will accept and love her for who she is and will not mind the fact that she is a divorced mother-of-one.

We can almost see you looking for those trainers now. Who can blame you? These fit girls are real motivation for anyone to start working out. If you want to know more about them, all you have to do is click on their profile name. For more special Asian ladies, you can visit AsianDate, or you can check out our previous lists here. See you next week.