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Asian Male Qualities You Should Have

Let’s cut to the chase. There are different ways to capture an Asian woman’s heart but one of the top ways has to be ideal male qualities – you should posses certain qualities for you to be irresistible. An Asian woman wants someone who is passionate, a bit emotional, affectionate and, at the same time, hard working and career-oriented. What we’re basically saying is that you need to have all the unique qualities that you have now plus these four Asian male qualities that Asian beauties find valuable.

Asian Male Qualities That Will Get You Far

1. Career driven.

Asian males are very career driven. You could say that most of them are workaholics – they spend more time at work and if their boss asks them to do overtime, they oblige even if they don’t want to. Their standing in their workplace is important because the ultimate goal is to get promoted to earn more and provide more for their family. The social status that comes with being promoted is not such a bad bonus as well.

2. Family-oriented.

On top of being career driven, you also must be family-oriented. This quality is top priority in all Asian countries – family comes first. This may sound like a contradiction to the 1st thing on this list but you have to find a good balance with this and number 1. You have to be both; you have to compromise from time to time but you also have to understand that your family will be (and has to be) your driving force to succeed in any area of your life.

3. The provider.

The whole reason why you’re working your butt off at work is because you want to provide for your family. This is a good Asian male quality to have – you should be the main provider. Times are changing and there are a lot of women, especially in Asia, who choose to pursue their careers but despite that they still look at the male as the provider of the family or the person who wears the pants, so to speak.

4. The super dad.

Remember when we said that family comes first? Well, we’re going to say it again because you have to pay attention to your family – meaning that on top of all the work you’re doing, you still shouldn’t forget to spend time with your kids (or future kids, in this case), your wife and her Asian family. In short, you have to be super dad.

Are you a superhero?

You kind of are or you kind of have to if you want to attract an Asian female. Of course, it’s OK to make mistakes and you don’t have to be Mr. Perfect all of the time but if you do not possess any of these qualities (yet), you should start working on it if you want to be found irresistible to all Asian beauties.

In fact, these are qualities that most women want in a man so won’t be impressing just Asian women. Think of it this way, consider this as a list for bettering yourself as well and who wouldn’t want that?