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Questions About Dating Answered by a Filipina

Filipinas have a notorious reputation in the online dating world. They’re viewed as scammers or as gold-diggers but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Because of this, we’ve decided to ask a regular Filipina woman to answer seven questions related to online dating so readers of this blog can distinguish what’s true and what’s false.

Learn Everything About Dating On Philippines First Hand

Question 1: Are people dating in the Philippine culture?

Answer: Yes and no. You see, just like other Asian countries, we view “dating” in a different way. If a guy asks me out on a date, that means he already likes me and by asking me out on a date, he’s already showing his interest to court me. That’s the first step, I guess – courting which means that the guy is doing everything he can to get the girl’s yes. Yes in what? Yes in being in a relationship with him.

Question 2: Is it the same with online dating? Is courting involved?

Answer: Yes, of course. You’d have to court a Filipina. However, major exceptions take place because most Filipinas who are online dating are more open to the liberalness of foreigners.

Question 3: What do Filipinas think about foreigners who date online?

Answer: It depends. If they see the guy on Facebook then they feel more comfortable. Generally, most Filipinas don’t really sign up to online dating sites because they find it new. If you go through Facebook, however, it’ll give the impression that you’re a real person. It’s not that you’re not real but Facebook is what’s familiar to most people from the country.

Question 4: Do Filipinas care about age gaps?

Answer: Yes and no. There are Filipina women who don’t and there are those who do. You may think that it’s about dating or relationships but here’s a good tip that you need to remember: Filipinas have a different way of viewing things. They take into account their societies view as well as their family’s view so you can’t really blame them if they don’t want an older man.

Question 5: Is divorce an issue in a relationship?

Answer: No with conditions. Divorce is something that’s new to Filipinos. There’s no divorce in the Philippines but rather only separation. Most Filipinos figure that it’s not an issue, same with being separated, as long as the other party does not cause drama. That’s the most important thing. If you still haven’t ironed out the ends of your relationship, it would be better to fix things before getting into a relationship with a Filipina.

Question 6: What do other Filipinos think about dating foreigners?

Answer: You may think that this is unfair but here’s the truth. Men who date foreign women are considered to have “good game”. Filipinas, on the other hand, are generally viewed as someone who need money badly so they have to marry or date a foreigner just to get by or to escape the situation she and her family is in.

Question 7: Is it really true?

Answer: BIG NO. It’s just like other women in other countries, they have good ones and bad ones. Same with the Philippines. The good ones don’t need foreign men for success. They’re busy doing that on their own, actually. The bad ones, well, they don’t have any other life other than staying online waiting for their next victim. This is why foreign men wanting to date Filipinas online need to be careful.

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