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Stereotypes About Asian Women that are True

There are a lot of stereotypes about Asian women. Some are good and some are bad. You’re never really going to know unless you get to meet and talk to an Asian girl yourself. Until that time comes, here are a few myths of Asian women that are actually true.

Stereotypes About Asian Women You Should Know

Hard working.

It’s not only Asian women but Asians in general. Almost all Asians have a good work ethic. Need someone to do overtime? No problem. Need someone to reach certain task metrics? No problem. Asians put in a significant amount of effort into the work that they’re doing, may it be a project, may it be studying, or may it be cleaning the house. Asian women are of no exception to this.

Good at school.

This is a pretty common stereotype that a lot of people believe to be true and it is. This is because in Asia, the highest priority is placed on education. No matter what social standing your in — poor, middle class or rich — finishing school is always a goal. As a result, Asian mothers give extra attention to the grades of their children, making sure that they study every night and excel in school (if possible).


This myth of women from Asia is true but it may not coincide to what you’re thinking right now. Asian girls tend to nerd-out or geek out on things they look: Pokemon, makeup, comic books, video games, cute clothes and etc. “Nerdy” doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s science enthusiast but it’s more on the things that Asian girls love (to the point of being obsessed).

Good at doing chores.

We have to thank the good old traditional Asian mothers for this one. Even if times are changing and even if there’s a significant influence of Western culture, most Asian women are still expected to know how to take care of a household. They are “trained” by their mothers through observance and execution  thus they carry and pass this on when they have a family of their own.

Loves a good bargain.

Yes, it’s true. Asian women LOVE a good bargain! This is probably because there are a lot of counterfeits and replicas of popular brands in Asian countries like China. If an Asian chick visits one of these replica stores, they’ll be able to haggle their way through getting the bag, shoe or clothes that they want (looks the same as the real thing at 1/4 the price). Who wouldn’t want a deal like that?

Aside from these Stereotypes

Aside from believing these stereotypes, you also have to remember to get to know the Asian lady for who she really is as a person. All of these stereotypes are positive but these are not enough to rely on for you to say that you really know a person. When you date an Asian woman, just keep these stereotypes in mind but keep talking and keep making the effort to find out what she’s about.

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