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Interesting Asian Dating Rituals

Asian culture is a melting pot of traditional and modern day values that Asian dating has developed its own unique flavor. Now we are used to the typical western dating practices but here are a few Asian dating rituals that are generally followed around the Far East countries. This will help you in your online dating ventures immensely.

Must Know Asian Dating Rituals That Will Help You In Your Dating Life

Ritual #1: The hundred day celebrations

In western culture, it is customary to celebrate anniversaries. This is where you go out, usually to your first date restaurant, have a nice dinner, the works. But in Asian dating, most especially in Korea, couples celebrate their relationship every hundred days.  The first 100 days of your relationship is celebrated in a number of ways and much like wedding proposals and all, you get to exercise your creativity. This is around the time you get couple rings (like wedding rings, only without the wedding, more of like signs of your commitment to each other), couple shirts, and all those other couple-y stuff.

Ritual #2: PDA (Public Displays of Affection)

In western countries, even in Europe, public displays of affection are common place. It is not really a big deal to see couples publicly showing their love and affection. In Asian dating, though this is slowly becoming something acceptable, it is still more restrained. Asia is known to be very traditional when it comes to relationships thus it can still be frowned upon to be overly affectionate in public. Now you can still hold hands, share pecks on lips or cheeks, hug and all, but please do avoid anything beyond that as it can be considered rude, especially by the ancients who might happen to be around.

Ritual #3: Love confession

This is something more prevalent in Japan. In the west, you just don’t say “I love you” early in the relationship. In fact, if one party says “I love you” too early with usually cause the other to go running off the opposite direction. Not so in Asian dating, though this is more with the Japanese culture. To expound a little, in Japan, you confess your love, and then ask for the opportunity to date the person. But a word of caution, the moment the confession comes in and the woman consents, this actually puts you in an official “boyfriend/girlfriend” status. This is mainly because dating in the west and in Asia is different in such a way that in the west, you can actually go on several dates, before agreeing to be exclusive. Asians are just more conservative and this should always be respected if, in the end you would want to win her over.

Ritual #4: Valentine’s and White days

Globally, Valentine’s Day is where everyone sends flowers, cards, chocolates, and other sweet things to their special someone. Some think of proposing on this day, some plan romantic getaways in secluded places in the world.  Now, Asian Valentine’s, specifically in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China, Valentine’s day is usually for girls to send chocolates to the guys they like. And the men, in return, celebrate White day where they return the favor.  This is another interesting and important dating ritual you should keep in mind.

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