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Reasons Why Dating an Asian Woman is Different

Asian women are the most desired creatures to ever grace the world of online dating. Once a man knows that an Asian lady is interested or once an Asian lady shows interest, the pursuing is non-stop in the hopes of developing a relationship. Go ahead! Do your thing! There’s nothing wrong with it but you have to remember that dating an Asian woman is different in many ways.

Don’t Forget This When Dating An Asian

1. Meeting New People for Dating.

This is more applicable to when you meet traditional Asian girls offline rather than online. Asian girls don’t usually go out on dates with random people who just went up to them and introduced themselves. Most of the time, their preference is a “set-up” date where a friend who knows a friend talked another friend into meeting someone for a date. Was that complicated? Let’s try this. If you and her have a common friend, you can use that common friend to set up a date for you.

Blind dates are also pretty common with Asian girls. They key, however, is still that common friend to help set up the introduction or the date.

2. Shy and Coy.

Most Asian women act coyly. They want to portray that they are delicate, graceful, feminine and well-mannered (at least on the first few dates) even though they’re really out-spoken, tomboyish and, sometimes, tactless. This is possibly because they want to make a good impression so don’t be surprised if you’re facing a shy Asian woman when you first go out. It’ll pass, don’t worry. It’s a natural reaction but when she gets to know you better and when she’s absolutely sure that she can trust you, she will show her more natural side.

3. Asian Parents.

Usually, meeting the parents is just something casual for most Westerners. It’s different in Asia because meeting the parents is something that’s considered formal (and sometimes official). Expect that Asian parents will influence their daughter’s decision in life and in relationships so if you really want to start or continue dating an Asian woman, you have to put your best foot forward so she can put in a good word for you to her parents.

4. The Career Factor.

When you’re dating an Asian woman, remember to take into account her career. Having a job (with a high position) is important to an Asian woman so if you found yourself date rescheduling because of work, don’t think to much of it. She’ll find a way to make it up to you. It’s nothing personal because doing a good job career-wise is part of the Asian culture. An Asian woman’s career doesn’t normally get in the way of her relationships but it does, sometimes, take up quite a bit of her time.

5. Adopting a New Culture.

The last thing that we need you to remember is that you’re going to have to adopt a new culture, her culture. You may have to celebrate holidays you’ve never celebrated before, you may have to count 100 days after starting from the first day you met (for Koreans), or maybe eat dishes you’ve never eaten before.

Ready to Find your Asian Angel?

If you accept these differences, then you’re ready to go and scour every Asian dating website you can find. For more helpful Asian dating tips, don’t forget to check back in with us soon!