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Tips when Dating a Kazakh Woman

Love is a universal language but it is sometimes misinterpreted or misunderstood due to cultural differences. The intentions are there but it is translated in a different way because of some cultural barrier. This is, basically, why it’s important to understand your partner’s or future partner’s culture – so you can avoid misunderstanding. So if you’re a foreign man trying to woo a Kazakh woman, you can evade a whole lot of misinterpretation and falling out of like – trust us – if you remember the following tips.

Kazakh Woman Will Like You More If You Follow This

1. Skip the Borat jokes.

We’re sure that you’ve seen the movie and we’re sure that you remember that Borat came from Kazakhstan. No matter how strong the urge, fight it – fight it with all of your might. Skip the Borat jokes and don’t even think about asking her about a particular thing that Borat did in the movie that was so “Kazakh”.

She’ll view you as someone who is misinformed and stereotypical – a foreigner who learns what he can about a country just from a comedy movie. You don’t want her to think that, right? So avoid anything that has something to do with Borat all together.

2. Take time.

When we say take time, it means that you should take time to get to know her. And, at the same time, you should allow a significant amount of time for her, her friends and her family, to get to know you. She, along with her friends and family, will view you as someone who values, not just your Kazakh beauty’s opinion but, the opinion of those that surround her – a very big plus point this is.

3. Make the first move.

Do not expect a Kazakh woman to make the first move. Even if you wait 10 years, it’s still not going to happen and you’re just going to end up like how you started – waiting. A Kazakh woman has been brought up understanding the male role in the relationship. The more you wait the less manly you will seem to her. So, in every decision, even if it’s just choosing a restaurant, make sure you take the lead.

4. Pick up the tab.

In connection with #3, you also have to pick up the tab aside from taking the lead in most things. Call her old fashioned but a Kazakh woman can do all of the chores that you throw at her – ironing, cooking, washing dishes and clothes, cleaning and so on – but bills are not part of that. This is the man’s job so take note!

5. Intention of marriage.

“What?” Marriage already?”, yes! This is how Kazakhs view courtship, in general – you’re doing it with the intention of marriage. This is pretty serious but it’s true. If you’re after an easy and quick relationship then a Kazakh woman is not really the woman for you.

Another thing, courtship or dating, for Kazakh’s should also be short, so if you are going into a relationship with marriage in mind, be prepared in the near future because there is not such thing as a long engagement.

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