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Facts About Love You Never Knew

What other facts about love do we need to know about? Love is something that many of us search for and we all know that it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world. Do we need to know anything else?

Fun Facts About Love According To Science

Yes, there are actually a couple of facts that many of us don’t know about love. Sure, we know how wonderful it is, but it’s fun to know other science or research-based information that we can use in our dating lives:

1. Men say “I love you” first.

Contrary to popular belief, one research revealed that men actually have the tendency to profess their feelings first. The research was done in 2011 and was  published in The Journal of Social Psychology.

2. Heartbeats become in sync.

This one is pretty interesting. Recent studies have discovered that lovers’ heartbeats synchronize. It’s the woman’s heartbeat that adjusts to the man’s. This phenomenon is unexplained to this day, but, we have to admit, that it’s pretty romantic.

3. Love is like taking drugs.

Ok, so that doesn’t sound pretty good but it has actually been proven that love has a similar effect on our bodies as taking drugs like cocaine. Our dopamine levels rise in both instances. This triggers the pleasure center of our brain. When our body has had enough amounts of dopamine, it becomes hooked. Hence, the development of addiction.

4. Hand holding reduces pain.

According to a study of women’s reactions to mild burns by University of California psychologists, subjects who were holding hands with their loved one felt less pain. Could love be a cure for pain? Probably.

5. We fall for people who look like us.

No, it’s not about being narcissistic. Research has proven that a majority of us are attracted to people who have the same features as us. From hair color to eye shape, these traits all have an impact on our attraction to people. Well, this explains why some couples look alike.

It’s fun to know about all these facts about love. While we understand that the feeling is unexplainable (like magic), but these facts of love prove that the feeling may not be as mysterious as we thought. For more interesting posts about love and dating, read more on our blog.