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Rebel Girls Who Want Your Attention

What makes rebel girls special? It’s probably their adventurous and non-conforming spirit. Rebel girls can be feminine and beautiful too but their radiance goes against the grain and comes out as something new and unexpected.

The Rebel Girls Of Asian Date

This week, we’ve compiled a list with the names of the rebel girls you can meet on Asian Date. These ladies are sassy and they have a unique view on life and everything else. Let’s meet them:


Tianyu20 - Asian Date Lady

Tianyu was always expected to be a girly-girl who is pampered and spoiled. Her parents love her so much that they treated her like a princess. But, Tianyu is a rebel girl. She proved her independence and ambition to work for things that she wants.


HongLy20 - Asian Date Lady

What makes Hong Ly a rebel? Her friends see her as someone who is caring and funny, but when it comes to working, this lady can be tough. She demands results, she’s strict and wants to do everything the right way. You could say that she has opposite characteristics in different environments, but that’s what makes her exciting to get to know.


Qing29 - Asian Date Lady

Qing is a wild card. She likes to do spontaneous things. Travel is one of them. Sometimes, Qing makes spur of the moment plans on her own to visit a place that’s totally new to her. She might just have the case of the wanderlust, but it’s through traveling that makes her life colorful and meaningful.


XiJun33 - Asian Date Lady

Xi Jun is 33 years old. In her culture, she is considered to be an old maid. Xi Jun, however, refuses to think this way. She says that she still has a chance in love and that age is just a number. This is why most of her photos are racy because she refuses to look like a boring lady.


Xin22 - Asian Date Lady

Xin admits that she is bisexual. This means that she is attracted to both men and women. She says, though, that she is more inclined to dating men. She’s looking for acceptance – someone who is open-minded enough to accept her for who she is.

Can You Handle These Rebels?

Which of the rebel girls on this list can you handle? Whoever your choice is, remember that you can get to know the girls more by clicking on their names and visiting their dating profiles. For more lists like this, check out our blog.