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Best Tips For Dating an Asian Woman

Are you serious about dating an Asian woman? Well, it’s not as simple as you think because the “game” is way different in Asia. The culture is different so, naturally, the way to someone’s heart is also very different. The usual cocky, over confident approach, definitely, does not play a major role in the Asian courtship, just so you know, but here are four tips that you can rely on when dating an Asian woman.

Facts That Will Help You In Dating An Asian Woman

1. Friendship matters.

Did you know that most relationships in Asia start out because one person played cupid and he/she set up her two friends into a blind date? Yes. This is why friends or networks (or however you want to call it) play an important role in getting you dates. It’s very rare that Asians go up to another Asian to talk and then ask the other out on a date. Dates happen through set ups, among other ways.

2. Mutual Connection.

Once you’re on a date with an Asian woman, you have to, quickly, find a common ground between the both of you to make the mood more comfortable. One topic that you can talk about is anything regarding the person who set up the date for you both. Other topics that you can delve on is: common school, common interests, common goals and etc. The keyword here: “common”.

3. Playing Hard to Get.

This would apply to both men and women. Asian women love to be chased but they usually play hard to get because Asian men love to do the chasing. On the other hand, if the man plays hard to get (like if you don’t show that much interest at first), the woman, the Asian woman, will get all confused and she might feel compelled to do the “chasing” herself.

4. Group dates (if you can call it that)

Let us explain further what group date really means. This is important so take note of this tip, especially. It’s better if you go out as a group before actually dating one on one. This will make the date more comfortable and easy going. For example, you have a friend named A and she has a friend named B. You told A that you liked B. You can ask both A and B to have some after-work fun with you – clubbing, karaoke, eating, drinking, etc. After 3-4 meetings of this nature, you can then ask B to go on a real date with you.

Is the Game Different?

So do you see what we mean by “the game is different” when it comes to dating an Asian woman seriously? There’s more to it than just physical attraction so, on your part, you really need to do your homework – look for blogs, join forums, get on dating sites that provide helpful tips and etc. There’s more to know so you better get to it!

For more helpful posts about Asian dating tips, international dating tips, Asian date products, the Asian culture and etc, check back in with us soon  and we wish you luck with your dating life!