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Signs That Mean You Are Outgrowing Your Relationship

Relationships are ever-evolving. It is something alive and growing, whether you look at it this way or not. If you aren’t progressing in any way, then it may be a sign that you are outgrowing your relationship.

Outgrowing Your Relationship Looks Like This

If you are feeling that something is wrong between you and your partner but you can put your finger on it, you might actually be outgrowing your relationship. So what are the signs you should look out for?

1. More bad days than good ones.

Arguments and disagreements in a relationship are common. They cannot be avoided. It seems that a relationship can feel quite abnormal and boring without fights. However, when the fights are more frequent than the peaceful and happy intervals, then most likely, the relationship is already turning sour. Both of you are probably already brewing and it won’t be long until you both explode.

2. Your partner is not giving you value.

Partners should complement and compliment each other. You boost each other’s morale and value. But, when one partner is grossly disrespecting you at home and even with peers, then this relationship is already going down the drain. Nobody should be treated like that.

3. You have a different direction.

After the initial attraction has faded, both parties should already be bringing the relationship to another level. But, when you find your partner doing the opposite or trying to stall the inevitable next step in your relationship, then it’s time to confront him or her. If you have reached an impasse, then it’s time to pack your bags.

4. You are holding on to the past.

You have been together for a couple or more years already. But instead of looking forward to a bright future together, you keep on looking back because your past moments are happier and more attractive. At present, you are also in a lousy state, always wishing that things were different. These signs just simply mean that you have no future together.

We don’t find love with the intention of just letting it go, but if any of these signs are present in your situation right now, you may still rectify what you have after a heart to heart talk and a commitment to do something. But, if your partner seems uninterested or makes a promise and does not follow through, then show yourself out the door. For more Asian Date tips, read other posts on our blog.