The Zodiac Signs Of These AsianDate.Com Ladies Reveal A Lot

The Zodiac Signs Of These AsianDate.Com Ladies Reveal A Lot

A lot of people may not believe in different interpretations of Zodiac Signs, but it’s still a common practice in Asia. For example, every Chinese new year, a lot of the Chinese like to read their fortune. It will be based on their personal zodiac sign and the sign the year falls on. If you want to know more about this practice, you can ask the ladies on this week’s list.

Who Are These Ladies Based On Their Zodiac Sign?

Whether you believe in zodiac signs or not, you can’t deny the fact that reading about your personality based on the specific sign you’re born under is a fun activity to do. With that said, let’s get to know some AsianDate ladies this week through their zodiacs:


Ye21 - Asian Date Lady

Ye is a Pisces. This water sign is always torn between fantasy and reality but it’s great that this sign sees both sides of the coin and accepts them. As a partner, those under Pisces are generally very patient and understanding.


Yan23 - Asian Date Lady

This Aquarian is very open-minded. It is said that those born under this sign have a different level of understanding and perspective about the world. Those with Aquarius signs are very driven yet still humanitarian.


Zhenzhen26 - Asian Date Lady

ZhenZhen the Taurus is a lover of life. Just like her sign, she thrives when her environment is peaceful, calm, and open. That’s why she loves spending time outdoors and being active.


Yuanyuan22 - Asian Date Lady

Virgos are very practical. YuanYuan is still a dreamer but it’s true that she leans towards the more logical solution to everything. She’s usually quite busy so the logical thing she did so she can meet new people is sign up to


Hui27 - Asian Date Lady

Lastly, there’s Hui the Gemini. Most of the time, this Asian lady loves to start new hobbies, but towards the end, she piles up a lot of things on her plate that she has trouble finishing her tasks. A mark of a true Gemini, to be honest.

For you to prove if their personality descriptions are accurate, why not get to know one of the AsianDate ladies and start a conversation or chat? For more lists, reviews, and dating tips, read the rest of our blog.