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This Is What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Relationship

Not a lot of people believe in zodiac signs, but they are still very popular in Asia, which means it can be a very good icebreaker if you are trying to win over an Asian girl. People believe your zodiac sign can indicate your fortune (for the year), your personality, your best match, and even how long your relationship will last.

Your Relationship Will Last This Long When You Have This Zodiac Sign

You may or may not believe that your zodiac sign can deliver everything mentioned above but it’s always fun to read their predictions. So, when it comes to how long your relationship will last, what does your zodiac sign say?

Aries – 6 Weeks

People with this zodiac rush into a relationship but don’t realized the responsibilities and commitments needed to make it work. After a short while, they will realize that it’s not what they want.

Taurus – Until Death

Tauruses believe in the stability of their relationships. These people are for keeps because they are willing to work out even the hardest obstacle.

Gemini – 2 Days

Since Geminis are fickle lovers, it is not surprising for them to jump from one relationship to the next.

Cancer – 15 Years

Cancer people enter a relationship because of the need for reassurance and security. But, when they get older, they tend to let themselves go so their partners might want to find somebody younger.

Leo – 60 Years

Leos make for doting husbands and wives. They are, mostly, loyal and caring toward their partners, so they can give their spouses a long and fulfilling relationship.

Virgo – 7 Years

Virgos are quite dependent and stable, but they could also be perfectionists. And this can drive their lovers away.

Libra – 30 Years

Libras love having healthy, long-term relationships. They are faithful to their lovers till the end, unless they decide one flirt is suddenly more interesting than what they have at home.

Scorpio – 6 Months

Scorpios are charismatic so they can easily find a lover. But, they can easily be dissatisfied and move on to someone else.

Sagittarius – 3 Hours

Sagittariuses easily get tired of long-term relationships. A one-night stand is a more likely fit.

Capricorn – 1.5 Years

Capricorns need to build trust before starting a commitment. But, they can also be stubborn people, which leads to the downfall of their relationships.

Aquarius – 3 Weeks

Aquariuses are terrible at staying committed because they are very ambitious. With that, they get easily distracted by their aspirations in life.

Pisces – 8 Months

Pisces are clingy people in a relationship. When they latch onto someone, they become an attachment. They can also be manipulative. So their partners easily get smothered.

The length of your relationship is not only determined by your zodiac sign, of course. Your willingness to work on something and your level of commitment might prove these predictions to be inaccurate. Strive for a satisfying and long-term relationship. For more tips, read other posts on our blog.