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Could These Women Be Part Of Asian Royalty? They Look Like It

In the past, Asian royalty, with queens and empresses, were predominant in all Asian countries. The numbers dwindled as time passed. But, there are still people who get the royal treatment because of their beauty and good influence in society.

They Are Treated As Asian Royalty In Their Respective Cities

Although the time of the monarchies may be fading, it is slowly being replaced with people who are treated as Asian Royalty in their respective cities. This is because they have made a significant impact in their communities through their charity works or businesses. Let’s meet these royals today:


Daisy30 - Asian Date Lady

Daisy is a lawyer. She has had a good education. In fact, she knows how to speak French because her school offered French lessons in their curriculum. As a lawyer, she knows that she has the responsibility to defend those who are innocent. She has won many cases, which is why she is respected in her community.


ChenYue21 - Asian Date Lady

Chenyue comes from a family who has had a great influence in her city ever since. Her family and friend treated her like a princess, but this treatment never went to Chenyue’s head. She is still as down-to-earth as the girl next door.


Zhijia19 - Asian Date Lady

Zhijia is a dancer. She has always loved to move together with music. She is treated and celebrated as Asian Royalty because of this skill of hers. In short, she is kind of a celebrity.


PengHui29 - Asian Date Lady

Penhui works as a banker. She loves her job, but what she loves most is serving people every day. This may not be a big deal to some, but this lady has always had the spirit of service in her, making sure that others needs are met before hers.


Yuxin22 - Asian Date Lady

Yuxin is a business owner who has a first-hand experience of Western Culture. Back in her school days, she went abroad as an exchange student. This immersion inspired her so much that she wanted to share her learnings with the Chinese people through her business. From clothes to accessories, her Western Style apparel shop has grown to be loved by many in her community.

These ladies prove that you don’t have to be in a prominent position to help make a change in your community. Don’t be intimidated, send the ladies a message by clicking on their name. For more lists similar to this, read other posts on the blog.