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Why do Thai Women Want to Date Foreign Men

Thai women, just like most other women in Asia, have now gravitated towards the idea of finding love in other parts of the world. They’ve jumped into the bandwagon of Asian women wanting to meet foreign men and it’s something that’s pretty common nowadays. These beautiful Thai ladies have now taken to the internet to search for a man who will potentially become their life partner but why is such a phenomenon occurring?

What You Need To Know About Thai Women

1. In with the new, out with the old

We’ve done our research and we found out that most Thai women prefer foreign men because they have a totally different culture than the men in their own country. They might have watched one too many American romantic comedy movies but they generally view foreign men as romantic, thoughtful, expressive and understanding. It is true that some expectations are a bit over the top (unrealistic in other words) but there are Thai women who just truly want a man to shower them with love, thoughtfulness and romance.

2. Stability VS Instability

Most women from Thailand view foreign men as stable from a financial point of view. This could sound either positive or negative to you but this doesn’t mean that Thai women are only after your money. Let’s face it, no woman would like to be with a man who lives like he’s 18 years old (not knowing what to do with his life or not being able to hold down a job).

3. The thrill of learning new things

Now, most women from Thailand may not admit this at first but they’re generally excited to meet foreign men because of the potential of experiencing new things – learning about a new culture, the possibility of going to other places, learning a new language, etc. It’s always nice to experience something new every now and then.

4. Family

Usually, most Thai ladies who want foreign men as husbands observe that marriage can potentially follow after being together for a while. These women have seen this in other Thai ladies in their neighborhood. It’s not to say that Thai men are afraid of commitment but the “whirlwind romance” card comes into play and Thai women think it’s very romantic.

What’s Most Important

We could list a lot of general ideal traits that a Thai woman want in a man, but the most important thing to remember is that all of these traits should be secondary. Before they see these traits, what Thai women see first is your genuineness, loyalty, honesty and your capability to love them as who they are. This is practically what every other woman wants in a man. Our advice is to focus more on who you really are; it’s great if the glove fits with the secondary characteristics, but never pretend to be someone that you’re not.