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Why Men Choose Vietnamese Women

Long, jet black hair on that gorgeously tanned skin. Asian women are quite the sight and Vietnamese women are no exception. Though, going beyond the physical attributes that these ladies naturally have, what exactly is it with these Vietnamese women that make men go loco over them? Here are a few insights on why men choose to be with Vietnamese women.


One striking quality Vietnamese women have that men tend to really like is the loyalty they give to their partners. It’s no joke that divorce rates are at an all-time high all over the world and this is because most marriages will lack loyalty from either partner. Especially for those men who are away for work most of the time, loyalty is a gem that is so hard to come by. So if you’re in it for the long run and would like a partner for keeps, a Vietnamese lady will definitely have the loyalty to stick with you through anything.


Like most of the Asian cultures, family is very important to a Vietnamese woman. She values her family and will make sure all members are taken care of. She will be a good wife and mother as this is the culture she has been raised with and in turn, if you have children, these values will be passed on to them. Not only this, she also will be willing to take care of your parents if they are old and they live with you.


Vietnam is not a rich country. Most of the people there need to work at an early age in order to support their family. In this way, Vietnamese women are very independent. Chances are, even before meeting you, she has been singlehandedly supporting her parents and siblings. This would also make her a great wife because she will be able to manage finances properly to make sure all the bills are paid and you are not in debt.

Housekeeping Prowess

Vietnamese women are naturally homemakers. It is simply because they grew up watching their mother take care of them personally as compared to some countries where both parents work and the children are left to care takers and the house is left in the care of housekeepers or maids. In Vietnam, it is important that women learn how to cook and clean, not because they are women, but because it is a value taught by their parents to them. They are not spoiled brats waiting for their housekeepers to do the work for them. Here it is admirable for a woman to be clean and neat inside the house.

They come from a Rich Culture

The west is indeed more advanced as a society and is a giant melting pot of different races and different cultures. Most of the time, traditional values are lost in favor of practicality and equality. Just because Vietnam is a bit less developed than most countries in the west, does not mean they have no culture. Actually, it’s the complete opposite. Since this country is a bit laid back, the people have successfully integrated their current culture with the culture that they always had. This makes Vietnamese ladies women of culture and will surely make life more colorful.