A list of beautiful mermaids - girls who love to swim.

Who Can Resist Swimming Alongside These Beautiful Mermaids?

One of the four elements and the place where life began, according to some theories, water is, for some people, the best thing in the world. For today’s beautiful mermaids for example, swimming is the best way to spend their free time.

The Beautiful Mermaids Who Turn Heads When They Put On Their Bikinis

They are pretty, their smiles are mesmerizing and their personalities will surely captivate you, but these babes are at their best when they put on their bikinis. This is when they are transformed into real-life mermaids and steal hearts. Read more about them.


Lixia is the first lady on the beautiful mermaids list.
Lixia says she can model one of the bikinis she designs for you to admire.

The first in the beautiful mermaids list is a 23-year-old designer from China, Lixia. The elegant girl describes herself as passionate and open to adventure. She works as a designer who loves to design different kinds of bikinis. In her free time, Lixia loves to sing and dance, and she also enjoys swimming every day. The sweet girl believes in fate and is hoping to find a man who will be passionate, outgoing, kind, sincere, positive and romantic, and make a happy family with him.


Yuyun is second in the beautiful mermaids list.
Yuyun feels like a fish when she’s in the water.

The second beauty on today’s list is a 20-year-old music teacher from Nanjing. Yuyun’s friends describe as a “fairy” because she is happy all the time and knows how to bring joy to others too. She describes herself as a “lovely active girl, full of imagination”. In her spare time, Yuyun likes to swim at home, as she loves the feeling of the water flowing over her body. When she swims, she says she feels like a fish. She imagines her ideal partner as a gentleman that will love and cherish her with all his heart, and respect her parents.


Kate is at the heart of the beautiful mermaids list.
Gorgeous Kate has a strong, multifaceted personality. Do you want to explore it?

We’re at the heart of our beautiful mermaids list, and we find a gorgeous Filipina, Kate. Kate is a 30-year-old lady with a smoking body, who describes herself as outgoing, optimistic, easygoing, confident, independent, humorous, passionate, and strong (among other things). Kate has many interests, from outdoor activities, like swimming, running, cycling, rock climbing, to indoor hobbies, like reading, enjoying music and movies at home, drawing, dancing, cooking, practicing yoga, and exercising at the gym. The kind of man Kate is looking for is a romantic, loving, and responsible person.


Min is one of the most beautifu mermaids on this list.
Min is only interested in people with serious intentions.

Next on our list, we find a stunning doctor: Min. The 26-year-old girl from Xian knows what she’s after. She doesn’t want a virtual relationship, but a true life partner she can cherish every moment with. Min describes herself as a graceful, romantic, persistent and communicative person who likes pets and loves spending time with her pooch. Moreover, the pretty Chinese enjoys putting on her favorite Victoria’s Secret bikini and swimming, doing BBQs, gardening, mountain-climbing, and dancing. Min wishes to meet a man who will be loyal, loving, will have a sense of responsibility and a sense of humor. She doesn’t care about looks or money, she wants someone she can communicate well with.


Shi is the last lady on the beautiful mermaids list.
Shi is financially independent but wants to find a life partner.

The fifth, and last, spot of our list is graced by another Chinese stunner, Shi. Shi is 27 years old, and she has her own business. She describes herself as a person with two contrasting sides: a tender and obedient one and a naughty one too.  Money is not an issue for Shi, who can provide for herself and her future family, and she is also willing to relocate for love. In her spare time, the gorgeous Chinese girl likes swimming in her swimming pool or watch movies in her private cinema, while she also enjoys traveling and making new friends. Shi is looking for a warm kind of man, who will be loyal and want to spend his life by her side.

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