Babes in mini skirts.

Who Can Resist These Pretty Babes In Mini Skirts?

There is probably no other female garment as adored by men and preferred by women as the cute and feminine mini skirt. This small piece of fabric is ideal for ladies with beautiful legs and is matched perfectly by a pair of sky-high pumps. Which is exactly the case with today’s daring babes in mini skirts.

Babes In Mini Skirts Pay Tribute To The Most Loved Ladies’ Garment

If there is one single person who should be credited with pioneering the mini skirt, it is British designer Mary Quant, who made the short skirt super famous in the 1960s.  Quant told the New York Daily News: “A mini skirt was a way of rebelling.”  Her own definition of a mini skirt: the bottom edge of the skirt must hit roughly halfway up the thigh, and fall no more than four inches below the bottom.”


The first lady on the babes in mini skirts list is Chinese Lingshan.
Lingshan isn’t looking for a super handsome or rich man, but someone who’ll love her genuinely.

In the first spot of our list, we find Lingshan, a sweet girl from Xian, China. Lingshan is 22 years old and she describes herself as kind and generous, with an optimistic and outgoing personality. In her leisure time, the beautiful business owner enjoys singing, traveling, taking photographs, and reading- she believes reading can make you wiser. The girl with the beautiful smile is looking for a kind, loving , and caring man who needn’t be super handsome or rich, but has to genuinely love her.


Huan is second in the babes in mini skirts list.
Sultry Huan is a doctor who loves waltz and Latin dances.

The second girl on this list of babes in mini skirts is 27-year-old Huan, who is also from China. The beautiful doctor, who says she’s sweet and passionate, enjoys traveling and making friends. She is also a big fan of dancing, with waltz and Latin being her dances of choice. She is not very particular about her choice of man: she wants someone who will hold her hand and share a dance with her, and love her with all his heart.


Pitchayanan is at the heart of the babes in mini skirts list.
Passionate Pitchayanan is a 24-year-old diplomat.

We’re already mid-list, and here’s where we find a true beauty from Thailand: Pitchayanan. The tall girl from Chiang Mai is an international relations expert who believes in romance, feels thankful to her parents for the education they gave her and tries to make them proud. The 24-year-old diplomat has been playing tennis since she was a toddler and also likes to spend time with her family and friends, drawing, and fishing. Pitchayanan wants a smart, serious, reliable, and well-mannered man who will make her feel “like a real woman”.


Dejilamu is the fourth girl in the babes in mini skirts list.
This part-time model now runs her own Jeep cars shops.

The fourth lady we meet today is a 23-year-old beauty from Nanchang, China. The tall babe (175cm) started off as a model who grew to love cars so much that she’s now the owner of shops that sell Jeep cars. Because she was a minority tribe in the area her family moved to, as well as an only child, Dejilamu had to develop special skills to cope with others and to do things herself. That’s how she became friendly and independent.In her free time, the busy girl loves photography and reading books while listening to classical music. The ideal partner for Dejilamu is someone who shares her interests and her drive to succeed.


The last in the babes in mini skirts list is a lawyer.
This impressive lawyer and model says she can’t forgive betrayal.

The fifth and last beauty we find on today’s list is Ratanaporn, a lawyer from Chiang Mai, Thailand. The 23-year-old lady with the fabulous legs describes herself as “romantic, tender and understanding”,  but says she’ll never understand and forgive betrayal. In her free time, impressive Ratanaporn likes modeling, traveling and drawing –especially landscapes. Her ideal kind of man is someone honest, gentle, understanding, and respectful. He should value a woman’s inner world, not only her appearance, and be ready for marriage.

As always, we hope our list has kept you good company. If you’re interested in finding out more about the ladies on the list, all you have to do is click on their names. For more babes in mini skirts (and every other kind of attire really), visit AsianDate today. And if you want to browse our older lists, click here. See you again next week, with a brand new list.