Why you should cherish your biggest asset: humor.

What’s Your Biggest Asset When Dating?

When you have found the right lady you want to wine and dine, you have picked the place and you are ready to go out, it’s time to put out the big guns and really win her over using your biggest asset. What is the one thing most women appreciate about a man, though? Is it looks?  Is it money? Is it power?

Be Surprised To Hear What Your Biggest Asset Really Is On A Date

While most men believe the above mentioned to be their most desirable characteristics, if they only listened to women, they would know the one thing most of them love is a good sense of humor. Why is a sense of humor so important for women, though? What does having it reveal about you that women find so irresistible?

Sensitive And Clever

You may not have thought about it before, but people who have a sense of humor are proven to be more sensitive. Apparently, the fact that someone is seeking to make others laugh is a clear sign he cares about bringing joy to those around him.

Moreover, a guy who can make good jokes and funny remarks is, no doubt, witty. Which brings us to another thing women are very much attracted to – intelligence.  If you are quick-witted and always ready to throw in a funny line, you are clearly clever enough to process complex situations and cope with difficulties in a positive manner.

In Control And Promising

Another reason why a sense of humor is such a big asset when you are dating is that it makes things a lot easier. Being able to laugh away the awkwardness and silent pauses inherent in dates with people we barely know is definitely a plus. And if you can lift the heavy weight of making a date work, it must also mean you are in control of things. Guess what? This is another attractive trait.

Last but not least, humorous men carry the promise of a fun, happy life. Have you ever met a person who aims to be miserable in life? Thought not. In our constant pursuit of happiness in life, being next to someone who can make light of the heavy load we carry is a real blessing.

Hope this has shed some light on the underlying reasons why a sense of humor is your biggest asset when dating. Even if you are not a natural funnyman, it is worth making a little effort at exploring the humorous side of yourself. You will find that it won’t only make your life better, it is also certain to boost your odds of dating success.

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