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What’s It Like To Have An Asian Christmas? Ask These Women

When you’re dating a beautiful Asian lady, you will definitely understand how an Asian Christmas is done. If you haven’t experienced one yet, then you are missing out.  You’ll never see Christmas the same way again.

An Asian Christmas Always Includes Three “F”s

It’s rare for Asians to spend Christmas alone or with friends. The holidays are always reserved for family, but guests, especially special ones are always welcome. You should remember that it always includes the three “F”s, fun, family and a whole lot of food. If you’re curious about what goes on in an Asian Christmas, you have to ask these ladies:


Nana always loves to spend time with her family. When Christmas season arrives, she practices to prepare for her family gathering. Do you know what she does? She practices karaoke because a lot of the people from her family sing and do a karaoke night after eating Christmas dinner.


Shuang28 - Asian Date Lady

Shuang is a great cook. In fact, it’s a family tradition in their family to cook a delicious meal every Christmas. You don’t have to worry though. You don’t have to get your hand dirty because it is the women  who are in charge of all the cooking and preparing.


Yuting is a lady who is very mature for her age. She may be young, but how she thinks is similar to a person who has gone through years of experience. You’ll be able to see this characteristic of her as soon as you start talking. When it comes to Christmas as Yuting’s house, it’s very traditional. She was raised to keep the tradition of lighting a candle for the ancestors alive.


Lisa is a joyful person with a big heart. Every Christmas time, she would always have gifts for her immediate family,  and her family would have some for her. At Christmas eve, they exchange gifts with each other.  they have kept this tradition alive since Lisa was small.


Lastly, we have Ping. She has a very special way of celebrating Christmas with her family. Yes, they eat together, but after Christmas day, they go out to give food to those who are homeless or in-need. This  is a  pretty good tradition to do year after year, don’t you think?

By the end of the night, you will feel like a part of the family. You will also definitely have a lot of left-overs to enjoy later. Remember that you can get to know these ladies by clicking on their name and visiting their dating profile.  For more lists, tips, and reviews, read other posts on the blog.