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What’s The Best First Date Day? This May Change Your Dating Game

If you were asked about which day you thought was the best first date day of the week, what would you answer? A majority of people would pick Friday (night) because people usually get off work and then be free the entire Saturday. Saturday night is a popular option too for a similar reason, but the two days can easily be outshined by Sunday.

First Date Day Is Officially Sunday

Why would people want to have their first dates on a Sunday? Well, there are different reasons for that, but, initially, let’s enumerate the other days of the week that are not ideal for first dates:

Monday to Thursday

Most of us work a 9 to 5 job which entails that we need to go into the office from Monday to Friday. Let’s keep this in mind. Now, during first dates, your main goal is to get the know the person you’re with. You ask questions to understand the person’s personality and character.

When you go on a date after work, it’s likely that the focus of your conversation will be topics that are work-related instead of topics that can help you find out more about each other.


Many of you reading this will say that Friday is a good day to have a first date, but think about this: you just got off work and are looking forward to the weekend because the week has been long. That’s how most of us feel during Friday nights. You don’t want to go on a first date with this kind of temperament because you are not your best self.


Again, Saturday isn’t the best day to have a first date either. Yes, you’ve already gotten your rest from being tired after a week’s worth of work, but Saturdays are usually reserved for friends, family, or just yourself. You can do errands on Saturday, go to the gym, meet with your friends for coffee, or have dinner with your family.


Sunday is probably the most chill day of the week. Your mind is clear, your errands are most likely done, you’ve spent time with yourself or with people who are important in your life. Now, you have room for a first date. Since you’ve expressed all the pressures of the week on Friday and Saturday, it’s likely that you will be your best self on Sunday.

From now on, try scheduling your first dates on the last day of the week and see if there are significant improvements in your attitude and perception. Switching to the best first date day of the week can get you more dates in the near future. For more posts on dating and relationships, check out our blog.