According to a recent study, you should do these things to be considered a classy man.

What To Do If You Want Women To See You As A Classy Man

Some men love the hipster look; others love the clean-cut image of the successful professional, while for others it’s the bad boy look that works best. But if you belong to the category of men who believe there is nothing like being sophisticated, these, according to a research, are the things that make a classy man.

How Much Of A Classy Man Are You?

A research that was recently commissioned by European fashion brand Peter Hahn found that there are certain subtle things that people consider as classy. The survey was carried out on a sample of 2000 Brits and was quite revealing.

According to a spokesperson for Peter Hahn, “Projecting the essence of class successfully requires a number of factors to work harmoniously, from your dress sense to your manners to your skillset. It helps if you have read your way through a bookcase of classics or can speak a couple of languages, but if your bow tie is too sloppy or your posture too lax, your classy persona can falter.”

When it comes to appearance, the study found that wearing a clean and well-ironed white shirt and taking pride in your appearance are ingredients that show a guy has class.

Age is also a factor determining class, the survey showed. Brits believe 45 is the peak age for classiness and that men and women generally get better with age, with men having the edge on women.

One out of four Brits mentioned a dignified behavior on social media is an absolute must, along with holding the door open for others, while one out of five of them believe that knowing your wine is a clear sign of sophistication too.

These are the Top 10 signs of class, according to the study.

A classy man:

  1. Says please and thank you
  2. Is well-read
  3. Has good table manners
  4. Doesn’t swear
  5. Knows what cutlery to use
  6. Is discreet
  7. Doesn’t start eating a meal until everyone else at the table has their food
  8. Holds doors open
  9. Never drinks directly from the bottle
  10. Doesn’t use text speak

What may come as a surprise, however, is that even though the top 10 rules of class are quite straightforward, a whopping 86% of Brits said they think that, in general terms, people lack class. In fact, 36% of them were honest enough to admit to having no class themselves, with just 10% of them expressing confidence in their possession of class.

Consequently, it seems that to be a classy man is both a simple and a complex thing, just like life itself.