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What Foreigners Say About Women from Thailand

Women from Thailand have a notorious reputation to most foreigners. It’s uncertain how this came to be but to every story there is always two sides just like to a coin.

Most men may only know the bad side of Thai women but we’re going to turn things around today. This article is all about the opposite. We’ve done our research and we’ve compiled 6 common things that foreigners say about women from Thailand. You may need to pay attention if you want to date Thai ladies in the near future.

Facts You Must Know About Women From Thailand

1. Good grasp of English.

This may be a generalization but this is especially true in major places of business in Thailand. There are a lot of foreigners who go in and out of the country for both business and pleasure so it’s a must for people to speak English well. It’s not true for all, obviously, but expect that Thai women who came from major business parts of the country will be able to communicate with you freely.

2. Open-minded families.

This has a direct connection with number 1. Since Thais are usually used to foreigners, they have a more open-minded perspective on the matter. Compared with other ethnic groups from other countries in Asia, Thai families are more open to the idea of their daughter marrying someone from another race or another country.

 3. Good level of education.

This, again, is a general statement but we can’t really say that it’s true for all women from Thailand. It’s mostly true since the majority of women from the country were able to graduate from a University. Needless to say, you’ll be able to have meaningful conversations about different topics with most Thai ladies and this is why.

4. Friendly with foreigners.

Again, this has a connection with number 1. We already mentioned that a lot of foreigners go in and out of the country so it’s not unusual for a Thai girl to, sooner or later, have a conversation with one. In other words, because it’s something common for them, women from Thailand are more comfortable when it comes to interacting. They won’t find it weird if you suddenly came up and asked for directions or even asked if they would enjoy a cup of coffee some time.

5. Determined and driven.

This is one thing that most foreigners don’t know. A good quality that many Thai women have is determination. Because of this, most of them become successful in their careers or they become successful in running their own business.

In Love Yet?

Women from Thailand are great, aren’t they? If you look past what others say and really focus on the good rather than the bad, you’ll find yourself a good Thai woman sooner than you think. And, it doesn’t stop here because there are a lot more good qualities to discover with Thai women. Dating one will surely clue you in to some of those qualities.