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Ways to Show a Filipina Your Commitment

Usually, when a couple has just started to be “official”, it’s too early to tell whether both parties are going to be committed to the relationship for long-term. The couple, of course, has to go through the normal process of getting to know each other better, discovering both the good side and the bad side and so on. After which, they can either make the conscious or unconscious decision to stay together and, eventually, get married. Along the way, both the man and the woman (whether it’s a Filipina or not) is able pick up signs that tell them their partner will be in it for the long haul. These are signs that we all need to watch out for.

For Filipinas, these signs come in a variety of specific forms. Knowing what these specific signs could be your key to really showing your Filipina girlfriend that you’re serious and committed about the relationship you have with her. Here are a few ways to show your commitment to a Filipina:

Sign #1: Family’s Approval

Have you met the family yet? If you haven’t you’re eventually going to and the goal is for them to like you. It’s not just mom and dad too. You have to put your best foot forward for the whole family, even grandma and grandpa, auntie and uncle, sister in law and brother in law – basically everybody. Their approval is crucial because, to a Filipina, family is a major aspect in their life.

Sign #2: Serious Talk

Now with this sign, it can’t be just talk. It has to be genuine. If you’re planning to have 3 kids in your life, make sure to express it. Plans of a house, migration, starting a life together – all of these topics will hint your Filipina girlfriend about your seriousness. It can be slight mentions like, “We’re going to visit this place again with the kids when we’re married.” or it could be in depth conversations about future plans or long-term plans.

Sign #3: Chores

Chores? Really?…The answer is yes! A Filipina admires a man who knows how to do (and willingly does) household chores. Being neat and tidy and on top about it is a sure sign that you’re really for domestic life. Don’t worry though. Your Filipina future wife will take care of almost all of the chores when you get married. You just  have to show that you know how and are willing to do a couple of dishes now and then by showing it early on in the relationship.

Sign #4: Cooking

This pretty much applies to almost all of the female population. If you know  how to cook and if you show you cooking expertise early during the relationship (and maybe in between too), it will also hint your girl that you’re ready for domestic life. It’s also pretty romantic if you cook her dinner from time to time. Plus, cooking earns you a few plus points because Pinays love to eat good food.

Sign #5: Walk the Talk

Last, but not the least, on this list is to walk the talk. Walking the talk shows a Pinay that you’re responsible, trustworthy and reliable. These are traits that Filipinas find very attractive in men, because, essentially, this is what they think they will need to make a marriage work. So, for the last tip and sign, it’s not enough that you tell her things she wants to hear. She also has to see that you do what you say you’re going to do.