compliments for Asian women

What They Want To Hear: Compliments For Asian Women

Giving out compliments to Asian women you’ve met online may seem very common and harmless. The problem there is if your compliment is not perceived as a compliment. You see, Asian culture is very different from Western culture (obviously) hence, everything that you do in your own country – from the way you eat, the way you interact with people, the way you work and the way you pass out compliments – may not be the same as her norms in her own country.

At this point, you don’t have to do your own research because we did the preliminary for you by researching and compiling 4 compliments Asian women want to hear.

Compliments For Asian Women

1. “You look cute in that outfit.”

Let’s focus on 2 things: the detail that went into this compliment and the word “cute”. First off, the detail. Instead of saying something general and generic like: “You’re beautiful”, say something that can make her feel good and something that can spark a conversation. You’d want to tell her that she looks good but why? Why does she look good today? Did she change her hairstyle? Is the sunlight hitting her face beautifully? You get the idea. Now, next is cute. Asians basically respond more to word “cute” that’s all there is to it.

2. “You have a good sense of humor.”

The focus on this one is her personality. The personality compliment goes an even longer way than when you’re complimenting an Asian woman’s looks. You can tell her how smart she is. You can say something about her kindness and generosity. You can even compliment her on having the attitude of putting her family first. Just don’t forget to be specific so she knows that you’re paying attention.

3. “You look thinner.”

#3 focuses more on the Asian perspective for beauty. It’s very different from what you consider beautiful. For example, Asians love youth – youthful make-up, youthful skin, youthful glow. Asians also have a very different perspective for body type – if you’re thin, you’re beautiful. The rest, you’re going to have to research but you get the general idea, right? You have to compliment her on her looks based on what an Asian thinks is beautiful.

4. “That’s a nice bag.”

This last one may sound weird but it’s another conversation starter especially if you’re doing offline dating. If you are in one Asian country, go somewhere crowded and casual to meet women. Go up to them an compliment then on something that they’re wearing. Tell them that you might buy your sister or mother something similar and you’d like their advice. BOOM! You’re in. You prolong the conversation and you have a chance to ask her out on a date or ask her for her number right before you close the conversation.

Test it Yourself

Which compliment have you tried? Which worked and which didn’t? Do you have other compliments that you can share to everyone? Just remember that whatever compliment you throw, it has to be sincere and true because Asian women also have the habit of looking right through what you say.

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