Virtual Love Just Became Reality, Take A Look

Virtual Love Summer Lesson

Last Thursday, September 15, 2016, virtual love was on display at Chiba, Japan during the 2016 Tokyo Game Show. The event happens every year and it aims to shed light to various online games and video games. This year, the virtual reality and mobile-based games dominated the field with one game taking center stage.

PlayStationVR: Virtual Love with Summer Lesson

PlayStationVR (PSVR) is a much-awaited head-mount device which will debut next month. It garnered a lot of attention during the show. Visitors and gamers were treated to virtual experiences through the PSVR. Some of the software enable its user to explore a castle, fly like a bird and, play virtual love games with virtual females. The game is called Summer Lesson and here’s a demo to give you a better idea of the software.

Summer Lesson is realistic. What’s even more interesting is the experience you have within the virtual environment. With the virtual female giving the impression that it is actually “there”, some have said that playing Summer Lesson is like living the life of one of their favorite anime characters.

Why Play Virtual Reality Love Games

People question why a game like this is played by many when there is a reality to be experienced. Most people, however, believe that virtual dating can have several benefits, some of which are listed below:

1. It can improve interaction skills.

Gamers are usually the types that don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to talking to the ladies. Playing this virtual love game can change that. Because there is an interaction between the player (male) and the virtual female, it’s possible that the gamer can become comfortable with women in real life.

2. It can be good practice.

Virtual love games have a lot of flirting involved. Virtual flirting could be training that can prepare a user for online dating or real life dating. Yes, the setting is virtual, but flirting is flirting no matter what the circumstance, so it’s good practice.

3. It is loads of fun.

Gamers go for virtual love games because it is enjoyable. It’s a new experience that everyone wishes they could have. It’s now possible with different head-mount devices designed for that very purpose.

What do you think of virtual love?

So what do you think? Do you think that you’d want to experience what this virtual love is all about? Or, would you rather stick to real-life dating? For more dating app and software updates, visit the blog.