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Valentine’s Date Ideas For Long-Distance Couples

It’s hard to be a long-distance couple when it’s time for Valentine’s Day. You’d have to be creative with Valentine’s date ideas you can do because of the absence of physical presence. But, with Asian Date’s help, you may not have to overthink your date ideas this year.

Asian Date’s Valentine’s Date Ideas For Those In LDRs

Although it’s a bit sad to think that you’re not with your significant other during Valentine’s Day, you can still make up for not being together with the following Valentine’s date ideas you can do through the magic of technology:

The Not-So-Usual Video Date

Because you are in a long-distance relationship, you probably video call each other often. This Valentine’s, instead of the usual video call, why not send a video greeting. What should you put in a video? Try visiting a few places in your city that you might want to take your loved one to once he or she visits. On your video, you can show your partner what the place looks like and explain why you’d want to have a date there.

Surprise Present

It’s nice to have something tangible from the person you love. Don’t let distance stop you. There are plenty of online marketplaces that you can buy from and pay with your credit card. You can, then, have your order delivered to your loved one’s address. There are even dating sites that have this service.

Send A Hand-Written Letter

This one is a classic. Although it’s an old-school technique, it’s still very effective in the romance department especially today where our communication is made through texts, calls, and emails. It’s something special because it’s not instant. Write a hand-written love letter and then snail mail it to the person you love. It may take a while depending on the distance between the both of you, but it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

The distance between you both may be an obstacle, but it’s a temporary one. Grab your chance to show the person that you love that you’re serious and that your feelings are true by following through with Valentine’s date ideas you’ve learned here. For more articles like this, read our blog.