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Unique Traits Korean Women Have

Korean women are known for their killer looks and to die for bodies. They are also known for their ability to party all night and coming to work the next day, on time, looking fresh as a daisy. Koreans as a people are usually confused as Japanese or Chinese. Here are a few traits that are unique to Korean women.

What You Must Know About Korean Women

Uniqueness #1: Korean women are jealous and competitive.

Korean girls take these two words to a whole new level. Once you two are in an understanding of sorts, she will ask to see your phone and will be jealous of each and every item that pertains to a female, may it be a message, a picture, even obscure contact information. This is not limited to your phone alone, but your social media as well. She becomes an expert investigator scouring every Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter post you have. She is also in a constant competition with her friends on who has the best date, the better dinner, the most expensive gift and whatnot. This can get a bit tedious but just look at it this way: she loves you so much that she does not want anything female near you within a 100ft radius.

Uniqueness #2: They are very smart.

Koreans value education very highly as jobs like lawyers, doctors and high ranking positions in the best companies. And they prepare their children for this by enrolling them to a myriad of extra-curricular courses like English language fluency, musical instruments, sports, singing, acting, etc. This goes on to a point that the kid leaves the house at 8 am and comes home around 10 in the evening because of all the academies they need to attend. With this much training, girls from Korea are almost naturally smart with all the learning they had to go through. In Korea, being dumb is never chic. You have to be smart to be cool.

Uniqueness #3: They barely sleep.

This will actually make you question if these girls are some sort of vampire. They can be up all night partying to the wee hours of the morning, yet show up to work, on time, bright and fresh as a daisy. How do they do it? It seems that Koreans are innately night owls as most of them get to catch up with friends after work and the night does not usually end there. There’s always “another round” that will last till around 2 or 3 in the morning. Let’s just say they’ve had lots of practice in this department.

Uniqueness#4: They can hold their liquor, really well.

Korean girls drink like men. They seem to chug down beer after beer, and still be smiling. They can walk straight and you can bet on it that they can get home on their own. There are two possible explanations to this: (1) high alcohol tolerance developed through the years of living through Korean winters. Much like Russians, Koreans are exposed to arctic-like temperatures come the winter seasons. Thus, they tend to drink Soju to keep warm, like vodka for the Russians. (2) Everyone is online. This means, you go home drunk to the point of blackouts, your picture goes online within seconds. Therefore, getting dead drunk is equivalent to social suicide in Korea.

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