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What Will Undoubtedly Happen When you Date a Chinese Woman

Have you asked your Chinese sweetheart out yet? Congratulations if you have! You can now look forward to spending time with the love of your life. Make no mistake though because you have to work on your relationship. Both of you have to adjust to new things when you start to date a Chinese woman.

On your part, aside from building your new life together you can look forward to these changes that will definitely happen sooner or later in your relationship.

1. Family will be a priority.

To date a Chinese woman is to date her family – this is a known fact. If you live close to her family, expect that they’re going to be around quite often and we’re not just talking about once a month. It could be once every week if they wanted to come for a visit.

As for your own family, your future Chinese wife will have everything under control – clean house, nice meals, family time during weekends, family vacations and etc. She will have everything down because family is the most important thing to her.

2. There will be privacy changes.

You’re just going to have to expect that there will be cultural differences. One of these differences is the acknowledgement of a person’s privacy. Don’t be weird-ed out but you will encounter situations where your need for personal privacy will not be recognized by your new wife and/or her family. These situations include: bathroom usage, room privacy and personal space boundaries. There’s more…

3. You will be introduced to different kinds of meat.

Once you start to date a Chinese woman, you will be introduced, not only to her traditions but also, to her cuisine. Most Chinese woman are wonderful cooks but you have to remember that, in China as well as other Asian countries, they use all kinds of meat. Maybe you just don’t find out what the main meat ingredient of your future dinners is, OK?

4. She’ll turn into a lawyer.

Ah, the age old topic of arguing with women. You, sir, cannot win if you’re doing the arguing with your Chinese wife. It’ll be as if you decided to marry a Chinese lawyer! She’ll have exhibit A, B, C, D, E and so on. She’ll prove that she has a point and you’ll end up giving up (if you are indeed at fault). It will be intense, but of course, you’ll eventually get through it as a couple and your relationship will become stronger.

5. You’ll raise super kids.

By super kids we mean, kids who know how to play the guitar, flute, piano or other musical instrument; kids who know how to ballet dance, do math very well, play baseball or taekwondo; or kids who know how to draw, design a smart phone app and so on. What we’re saying is that Chinese moms want their kids to be the best and so they encourage them into studying different arts, studies and activities.

What To Expect From Future When You Date A Chinese

Even though we’re saying that you need to adjust to all of these, the fact still remains: you have to work on your relationship together. Take note that she will also have some things to adjust to and right now, she might be reading an article about five things that will change when she enters a relationship with you.